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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200117beta-estradiol enhances the flux of cholesterol through the cholesteryl ester cycle in human macrophagesNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Blotta, Ida; Montali, Anna; Bravo, Elena
2003Activation of protein kinase C by phorbol esters in human macrophages reduces the metabolism of modified LDL by down-regulation of scavenger receptor activityNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Bravo, Elena
1996Age-related changes in lipid secretion of perfused livers from male Wistar rats donors Bravo, Elena; Rivabene, Roberto; Bruscalupi, Giovannella; Calcabrini, Annarica; Arancia, Giuseppe; Cantafora, Alfredo
1997Age-related variations in hepatic biosynthesis of phosphatidylcholine: a study of choline metabolism with perfused rat liver Ortu, Giuseppina; Rivabene, Roberto; Cantafora, Alfredo; Bravo, Elena
1990Alterations of lipid composition in Friend leukemia cell tumors in mice treated with tumor necrosis factor-alpha Bravo, Elena; Carpinelli, Giulia; Proietti, Enrico; Belardelli, Filippo; Cantafora, Alfredo; Podo, Franca
2006Apolipoprotein-E indipendent mechanism in the macrophage uptake of chylomicron remnants-like particlesNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Bravo, Elena; Rao, Rani; Kruth, Howard S
2001Assorbimento del colesterolo e profilo redox dell'enterocita: uno studio in vitroRivabene, Roberto; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Bravo, Elena
2001Assorbimento del colesterolo e profilo redox dell'enterocita: uno studio in vitroRivabene, Roberto; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Bravo, Elena
2009Aterosclerosi e lipoproteine postprandialiBravo, Elena; Napolitano, Mariarosaria
2013Biobanche oncologiche a scopo di ricerca. Definizione, finalità, organizzazione, requisiti strutturali e tecnologici, consenso informato, privacy e modalità di accessoGruppo di lavoro di AIOM e SIAPEC-IAP; Bravo, Elena
2011Biobank networking: The European Network Initiative and the Italian participationRoazzi, Paolo; Di Benedetto, Corrado; Bravo, Elena; D'Agnolo, Giuliano
2013Bioresources citation in scientific publishing as a tool to promote trust building in biobankingBravo, Elena; Calzolari, Alessia; Napolitani, Federica; Rossi, Anna Maria; Mabile, Laurence; De Castro, Paola; Cambon-Thomsen, Anne
2013The BRIF (Bioresource Research Impact Factor) as a tool for tracing and promoting the use of bioresourcesCambon-Thomsen, Anne; Mabile, Laurence; De Castro, Paola; Napolitani, Federica; Rossi, Anna Maria; Bravo, Elena
2006Changes in cholesterol metabolism are associated with PS1 and PS2 gene regulation in SK-N-BECrestini, Alessio; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Piscopo, Paola; Confaloni, Annamaria; Bravo, Elena
2009Changes in hepatic very low density lipoprotein assembly are associated with non alcoholic fatty liver disease induced by a high fat diet in ratsBotham, Kathleen M; Cano, Ainara; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; OchoLa, Begona; Bravo, Elena
1993Characterisation of lipoprotein fractions isolated from plasma of male wistar rats by gradient ultracentrifugationCantafora, Alfredo; Bravo, Elena; Chong, Chao Yan
2004Cholesterol esterification in human monocyte-derived macrophages is inhibited by protein kinase C with dual roles for mitogen activated protein kinasesNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Avella, Michael; Goode, Nigel T.; Botham, Kathleen M; Bravo, Elena
2003Chylomicron remnant induction of lipid accumulation in J774 macrophages is associated with up-regulation of triacylglycerol synthesis which is not dependent on oxidation of the particlesNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Avella, Michael; Botham, Kathleen M; Bravo, Elena
2001Chylomicron remnants and lipid accumulation in J774 macrophages: influence of cellular oxidation state Botham, Kathleen M; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Rivabene, Roberto; Avella, Michael; Bravo, Elena
2003Chylomicron remnants containing lycopene enhance lipid accumulation in THP-1 macrophagesBravo, Elena; Moore, Elizabeth H.; Botham, Kathleen M; Avella, Michael; Napolitano, Mariarosaria
Showing results 1 to 20 of 144
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