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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995The effect of cyclic AMP on the biliary secretion of taurocholic acid in the perfused rat liverBravo, Elena; Ortu, Giuseppina; Cantafora, Alfredo; Botham, Kathleen M
1997The effect of dietary fish oil on the hepatic uptake and processing of chylomicron cholesterolBotham, Kathleen M; Avella, Michael; Cantafora, Alfredo; Bravo, Elena
1992Effect of HDL1 infusion on biliary secretion in perfused rat liverRivabene, Roberto; Cantafora, Alfredo; Yan Chong, Chao; Castellano, Flavia; Bruscalupi, Giovannella; Bravo, Elena
1993Effect of taurine levels on liver lipid metabolism: an in vivo study in the ratChong, Chao Yan; Bravo, Elena; Cantafora, Alfredo
2004Effect of the antioxydant feaox6 and feaox335 on foam cell formation and inflammatory responseNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Avanzi, Luca; Manfredini, Stefano; Bravo, Elena
1993Effects of cholesterol uptake from high-density lipoprotein on bile secretion and 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase activity in perfused rat liverBravo, Elena; Rivabene, Roberto; Castellano, Flavia; Chao, Yan Chong; Cantafora, Alfredo; Trentalance, Anna
2002The effects of chylomicron remnants enriched in n-3 or n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids on the transcription of genes regulating their uptake and metabolism by the liver: influence of cellular oxidative stateZheng, Xiaozhong; Rivabene, Roberto; Cavallari, Claudio; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Avella, Michael; Bravo, Elena; Botham, Kathleen M
2003The effects of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids delivered in chylomicron remnants on the transcription of genes regulating synthesis and secretion of very-low-density lipoprotein by the liver: modulation by cellular oxidative stateBotham, Kathleen M; Zheng, Xiaozhong; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Avella, Michael; Cavallari, Claudio; Rivabene, Roberto; Bravo, Elena
2003Effects of dietary oxysterols on cholesterol metabolism in HMDMNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Bravo, Elena
2006Effects of interactions with lipoproteins on macrophages cytokines secretionNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Berardi, Emanuele; Bravo, Elena
2007Effects of lycopene on the induction of foam cell formation by modified LDLNapolitano, Mariarosaria; De Pascale, Clara; Wheeler-Jones, Caroline P D; Botham, Kathleen M; Bravo, Elena
2007Effects of new combinative antioxydant FeAOX-6 and a-tocotrienol on macrophage atherogenesis-related functionsNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Avanzi, Luca; Manfredini, Stefano; Bravo, Elena
2005Effects of ocimum basilicum ethanolic extracts on the resistence of human LDL to oxidationAmrani, Souliman; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Harnafi, Hicham; Bouanani, Nour El Houda; Serghini, Caid Hana; Manfredini, Stefano; Besco, Elena; Aziz, Mohammed; Bravo, Elena
1998Effects of oestrogen on plasma, hepatic and biliary cholesterol levels in rats fed fish oilBotham, Kathleen M; Avella, Michael; Cantafora, Alfredo; Bravo, Elena
2005Effet hypolipidémiant, anti-athérogène et anti-oxydant du basilic (ocimum basilicum)Harnafi, Hicham; Bouanani, Nour El Houda; Aziz, Mohammed; Serghini, Caid Hana; Ghalim, N; Manfredini, Stefano; Besco, Elena; Napolitano, Mariarosaria; Bravo, Elena; Amrani, Souliman
2012ELSI challenges and strategies of national biobank infrastructuresBudin-Ljøsne, Isabelle; Harris, Jennifer R; Kaye, Jane; Knoppers Bartha, Maria; Tassé, Anne Marie; Bravo, Elena; Cambon-Thomsen, Anne; Eriksson, Mikael; Ohm Kyvik, Kirsten; Litton, Jan-Eric; Perola, Markus; Rial-Sebbag, Emmanuelle
1997Enhanced hepatic uptake and metabolism of desialylated chylomicronsGuldur, Tayfun; Bravo, Elena; Botham, Kathleen M; Cantafora, Alfredo; Mayes, Peter A.
1994Evaluation in vivo of the differential uptake and processing of high-density lipoprotein unesterified cholesterol and cholesteryl ester in the ratBravo, Elena; Botham, Kathleen M; Mindham, Malcolm; Mayes, Peter A.; Marinelli, Tiziana; Cantafora, Alfredo
2012Evaluation of the spontaneous reversibility of carbon tetrachloride-induced liver cirrhosis in rabbitsBravo, Elena; D'Amore, Emanuela; Ciaffoni, Fiorella; Mammola, Caterina Loredana
2006Evidence of dual pathways for lipid uptake during chylomicron remnant like-particles processing by human macrophagesNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Bravo, Elena
Showing results 41 to 60 of 144
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