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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998An algorithm for the detection and classification of atrial fibrillation from intra-atrial electrogramsBarbaro, Vincenzo; Bartolini, Pietro; Bernarducci, Romano; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Martelli, Francesco; Morelli, Sandra
2011An algorithm for the detection of atrial fibrillation using the pulse oximetric signalCalcagnini, Giovanni; Triventi, Michele; Censi, Federica; Mattei, Eugenio; Bartolini, Pietro; Mele, Francesco
2001Analysis and processing of cardiac electrograms in atrial fibrillationBarbaro, Vincenzo; Bartolini, Pietro; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Boriani, Giuseppe
2001Analysis and processing of cardiac electrograms in atrial fibrillation. PrefaceBarbaro, Vincenzo; Bartolini, Pietro; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Boriani, Giuseppe
2010Analysis of P-wave after cardioversion for persistent atrial fibrillationCensi, Federica; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Triventi, Michele; Mattei, Eugenio; Reggiani, Elisa; Corazza, Ivan; Diemberger, Igor; Bartolini, Pietro; Boriani, Giuseppe
2006Analysis of ventricular arrhythmias episodes in patients at risk of ventricular fibrillationTriventi, Michele; Valsecchi, Sergio; Landolina, M; Gasparini, Marina; Lunati, M; Censi, Federica; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Bartolini, Pietro
2003Antiarrhythmic agents in atrial fibrillation: a new role in the context of hybrid approach?Boriani, Giuseppe; Biffi, Mauro; Martignani, Cristian; Camanini, Claudia; Valzania, Cinzia; Diemberger, Igor; Greco, Cristiano; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Bartolini, Pietro; Branzi, Angelo
2002Atrial signal analysis and defibrillation threshold assessment in chronic persistent and reinduced atrial fibrillationBoriani, Giuseppe; Bartolini, Pietro; Biffi, Mauro; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Camanini, Claudia; Corazza, Ivan; Zannoli, Romano; Barbaro, Vincenzo; Branzi, Angelo
2000Automated classification of human atrial fibrillation from intraatrial electrogramsBarbaro, Vincenzo; Bartolini, Pietro; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Morelli, Sandra; Michelucci, Antonio; Gensini, Gianfranco F.
2003An automated measure of P-Wave duration from surface ECG mapsCongi, Mario; Poli, Samantha; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Censi, Federica; Bartolini, Pietro; Damiani, Silvio; Barbaro, Vincenzo
2008Automatic quantification of P-wave morphological featuresCensi, Federica; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Mattei, Eugenio; Triventi, Michele; Bartolini, Pietro
2008Autonomic cardiovascular function and baroreflex sensitivity in patients with cervical dystonia receiving treatment with botulinum toxin type A Tiple, Dorina; Strano, Stefano; Colosimo, Carlo; Fabbrini, Giovanni; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Prencipe, Massimiliano; Berardelli, Alfredo
2010Autonomic function during closed loop stimulation and fixed rate pacing: heart rate variability analysis from 24-hour Holter recordingsQuaglione, Raffaele; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Censi, Federica; Piccirilli, Fabrizio; Iannucci, Luca; Raveggi, Marco; Biancalana, Gianluca; Bartolini, Pietro
2004Autonomic nervous system-controlled cardiac pacing during exercise test in paediatric patientsCensi, Federica; Drago, Fabrizio; Silvetti, Massimo Stefano; De Santis, Antonella; Grutter, Giorgia; Calcagnini, Giovanni; D'Alessandro, Maddalena; Bartolini, Pietro; Barbaro, Vincenzo
2005Beat-to-beat heart rate adaptation in pediatric and late adolescent patients with closed-loop rate-responsive pacemakersDrago, Fabrizio; Silvetti, Massimo Stefano; De Santis, Antonella; Grutter, Giorgia; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Censi, Federica; Bartolini, Pietro; Barbaro, Vincenzo
2006Chronic disease management and home telehealth: the laboratory without boundaries leads the wayCalcagnini, Giovanni; Bartolini, Pietro; Censi, Federica; Triventi, Michele; Strano, Stefano; Mastrantonio, Fabrizio
2002Clinical and technical variables influencing the atrial defibrillation threshold at internal cardioversion of chronic persistent atrial fibrillationBoriani, Giuseppe; Biffi, Mauro; Camanini, Claudia; Corazza, Ivan; Martignani, Cristian; Gallina, M.; Valzania, Cinzia; Bacchi, L; Bartolini, Pietro; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Zannoli, Romano
2001Clinical evaluation of disorganization during atrial fibrillation as a guide to radiofrequency ablationMichelucci, Antonio; Bartolini, Pietro; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Padeletti, Luigi; Colella, Andrea; Pieragnoli, Paolo; Censi, Federica; Morelli, Sandra; Barbaro, Vincenzo
2010Clinical validation of an algorithm for automatic detection of atrial fibrillation from single lead ECGTriventi, Michele; Calcagnini, Giovanni; Censi, Federica; Mattei, Eugenio; Mele, Federico; Bartolini, Pietro
2006Comparison of alignment algorithms for P-wave coherent averagingCensi, Federica; Calcagnini, Giovanni; D'Alessandro, Maddalena; Triventi, Michele; Bartolini, Pietro
Showing results 1 to 20 of 161
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