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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Depression and quality of life in patients living 10 to 18 years beyond heart transplantationFusar Poli P; MarTinelli V; Klersy C; Campana C; Callegari A; Barale F; Viganò M; Politi P
2006Desmin accumulation restrictive cardiomyopathy and atrioventricular block associated with desmin gene defectsArbustini E; Pasotti M; Pilotto A; Pellegrini C; Grasso M; Previtali S; Repetto A; Bellini O; Azan G; Scaffino M; Campana C; Piccolo G; Vigano M; Tavazzi L
2004EBV positive primary cutaneous CD30+ large T-cell lymphoma in a heart transplanted patient: case reportLucioni M; Ippoliti G; Campana C; Cavallini D; Incardona P; Viglio A; Riboni R; Vigano M; Magrini U; Paulli M
2004Epoprostenol in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension with distal lesionsScelsi L; Ghio S; Campana C; D'Armini AM; Serio A; Klersy C; Piovella F; Vigano M; Tavazzi L
2004The evaluation of right ventricular performance in different clinical models of heart failureCampana C; Pasotti M; Monti l; Revera m; Serio a; Nespoli l; Magrini g; Scelsi l; Ghio s; Tavazzi l
2007Gene symbol: LMNA in atrio-ventricular block (AVB) in dilated cardiomyopathyArbustini E; Pasotti M; Pilotto A; Grasso M; Tagliani M; Lucchelli C; Campana C; Chiriatti G; Marziliano N; Landolina M
2007Getting old with a new heart: Impact of age on depression and quality of life in long-term heart transplant recipientsMarTinelli V; Fusar Poli P; Emanuele E; Klersy C; Campana C; Barale F; Viganò M; Politi P
2007Importance of the echocardiographic evaluation of right ventricular function in patients with AL amyloidosisGhio S; Perlini S; Palladini G; Marsan NA; Faggiano G; Vezzoli M; Klersy C; Campana C; Merlini G; Tavazzi L
2006Inhaled nitric oxide test in a pregnant patient with severe pulmonary hypertensionMojoli F; Zanierato M; Campana C; Braschi A
2007Intermittent haemodiafiltration in refractory congestive heart failure: BNP and balance of inflammatory cytokinesLibetta C; Sepe V; Zucchi M; Pisacco P; Cosmai L; Meloni F; Campana C; Rampino T; Monti C; Tavazzi L; Dal Canton A
2004Interventricular and intraventricular dyssynchrony are common in heart failure patients regardless of QRS durationGhio S; Constantin C; Klersy C; Serio A; Fontana A; Campana C; Tavazzi L
2006Monitoring of human cytomegalovirus-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell immunity in patients receiving solid organ transplantationGerna G; Lilleri D; Fornara C; Comolli G; Lozza L; Campana C; Pellegrini C; Meloni F; Rampino T
2006Optimal pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic management of cardiac transplant candidates: approaches to be considered prior to transplant evaluation: International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation guidelines for the care of cardiac transplant canJessup M; Banner N; Brozena S; Campana C; Costard Jackle A; Dengler T; Hunt S; Metra M; Rahmel A; Renlund D; Ross H; Warner Stevenson L
2007Removal of BNP and inflammatory cytokines by haemodiafiltration in refractory heart failure - ReplyLibetta C; Sepe V; Zucchi M; Pisacco P; Cosmai L; Meloni F; Campana C; Rampino T; Monti C; Tavazzi L; Dal Canton A
2004respiratory fatigue in patients with acute cardiogenic pulmonary edemaMojoli f; Monti l; Zanierato m; Campana C; Mediani s; Tavazzi l; Braschi a
2007Return to work after thoracic organ transplantation in a clinically-stable populationPetrucci L; Ricotti S; Michelini I; Vitulo P; Oggionni T; Cascina A; D'Armini Am; Goggi C; Campana C; Viganò M; Dalla Toffola E; Tinelli C; Klersy C
2006Standard hemodiafiltration improves diuretic responsiveness in advanced congestive heart failureLibetta C; Sepe V; Zucchi M; Campana C; Dal Canton A
2004Ten years of "extended" life: Quality of life among heart transplantation survivorsPoliti P; Piccinelli M; Poli PF; Klersy C; Campana C; Goggi C; Vigano M; Barale F
2005Two simple echo-Doppler measurements can accurately identify pulmonary hypertension in the large majority of patients with chronic heart failureLanzarini L; Fontana A; Campana C; Klersy C
2004Una possibile alternativa alla terapia infusiva con i farmaci isotropi positivi tradizionaliScelsi L; Campana C; Ghio S; Monti l; Opasich c; De Feo s; Cobelli f; Orlandi m; Di Pasquale g; Tavazzi l
Showing results 2 to 21 of 21
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