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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Post-translational up-regulation of the cell surface-associated alpha component of the human type I interferon receptor during differentiation of peripheral blood monocytes: role in the biological response to type I interferon Fantuzzi, Laura; Eid, Pierre; Malorni, Walter; Rainaldi, Gabriella; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina; Pellegrini, Sandra; Belardelli, Filippo; Gessani, Sandra
2010Regulation of ?d T lymphocyte functions by dendritic cells exhibiting immunosuppressive propertiesConti, Lucia; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina; Cardone, Marco; Ikeda, Kyojiro; Sanseverino, Isabella; Varano, Barbara; Gessani, Sandra
2010Regulation of CCL2 expression by Toll-like receptor agonists and other immunomodulatory stimuli in human dendritic cells and its role in T helper cell polarizationDel Cornò, Emanuela; Michienzi, Alessandro; Masotti, Andrea; Da Sacco, Letizia; Sanseverino, Isabella; Purificato, Cristina; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina; Gessani, Sandra
2000Regulation of chemokine/cytokine network during in vitro differentiation and HIV-1 infection of human monocytes: possible importance in the pathogenesis of AIDSFantuzzi, Laura; Conti, Lucia; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina; Eid, Pierre; Del Cornò, Emanuela; Varano, Barbara; Canini, Irene; Belardelli, Filippo; Gessani, Sandra
2002Regulation of type I IFN responsiveness and production during differentiation/maturation of monocyte-derived human dendritic cellsGauzzi, Maria Cristina; Donato, Karim; Eid, Pierre; Penna, Giuseppe; Zaccaria, Emiliano; Belardelli, Filippo; Gessani, Sandra
2000Role of the HIV-1 vpr protein in the cellular response to viral infection: possible implications for the pathogenesis of AIDSConti, Lucia; Varano, Barbara; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina; Matarrese, Paola; Malorni, Walter; Belardelli, Filippo; Gessani, Sandra
1999Role of the HIV-1 VPR protein in the control of apoptosis and viral replicationConti, Lucia; Varano, Barbara; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina; Matarrese, Paola; Malorni, Walter; Gessani, Sandra; Belardelli, Filippo
2005Suppressive effect of 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on type I IFN-mediated monocyte differentiation into dendritic cells: impairment of functional activities and chemotaxisGauzzi, Maria Cristina; Purificato, Cristina; Donato, Karim; Jin, Yixin; Wang, Ling; Daniel, Kenn C; Maghazachi, Azzam A; Belardelli, Filippo; Zaccaria, Emiliano; Gessani, Sandra
2008TLR3 signaling pathway in human dendritic cellsGessani, Sandra; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina
2000Type 1 consensus Interferon (CIFN) gene transfer into human melanoma cells up-regulates p53 and enhances cisplatin-induced apoptosis: implications for new therapeutic strategies with IFN-alphaMecchia, Monica; Matarrese, Paola; Malorni, Walter; D'Agostino, Giuseppina; Sestili, Paola; Santini, Stefano Maria; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina; Venditti, Massimo; Mazzocchi, Arabella; Parmiani, Giorgio; Belardelli, Filippo; Ferrantini, Maria
1999Type 1 IFN and HIV-1 gp120 Enhance beta-Chemokines production in human peripheral blood monocytes. Role of macrophage differentiationFantuzzi, Laura; Canini, Irene; Conti, Lucia; Gauzzi, Maria Cristina; Del Cornò, Emanuela; Belardelli, Filippo; Gessani, Sandra
Showing results 29 to 39 of 39
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