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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The Rac-activating toxin cytotoxic necrotizing factor 1 oversees NK cell-mediated activity by regulating the actin/microtubule interplayMalorni, Walter; Quaranta, Maria Giovanna; Straface, Elisabetta; Falzano, Loredana; Fabbri, Alessia; Viora, Marina; Fiorentini, Carla
2008The Rac GTPase-activating bacterial protein CNF1 induces analgesia up-regulating µ-opioid receptorsFabbri, Alberto; Luvisetto, Siro; Straface, Elisabetta; Marinelli, Sara; Falzano, Loredana; Malorni, Walter; Fiorentini, Carla; Pavone, Flaminia
2009The Rac GTPase-activating bacterial protein toxin CNF1 induces analgesia up-regulation µ-opioid receptorsPavone, Flaminia; Luvisetto, Siro; Marinelli, Sara; Straface, Elisabetta; Fabbri, Alessia; Falzano, Loredana; Fiorentini, Carla; Malorni, Walter
2008Radical generation and alterations of erythrocyte integrity as bioindicators of diagnostic or prognostic value in COPD? Minetti, Maurizio; Leto, Thomas L; Malorni, Walter
2005Radicali liberi, stress ossidativo e salute. PresentazioneMinetti, Maurizio; Sapora, Orazio; Malorni, Walter
2012Raft-like microdomains play a key role in mitochondrial impairment in lymphoid cells from patients with Huntington's diseaseCiarlo, Laura; Manganelli, Valeria; Matarrese, Paola; Garofalo, Tina; Tinari, Antonella; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Marconi, Matteo; Grasso, Maria; Misasi, Roberta; Sorice, Maurizio; Malorni, Walter
2009Raft component GD3 associates with tubulin following CD95/Fas ligationSorice, Maurizio; Matarrese, Paola; Tinari, Antonella; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Garofalo, Tina; Manganelli, Valeria; Ciarlo, Laura; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Maccari, Giorgio; Botta, Maurizio; Misasi, Roberta; Malorni, Walter
2011Recruitment of cellular prion protein to mitochondrial raft-like microdomains contributes to apoptosis executionMattei, Vincenzo; Matarrese, Paola; Garofalo, Tina; Tinari, Antonella; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Ciarlo, Laura; Manganelli, Valeria; Misasi, Roberta; Malorni, Walter; Sorice, Maurizio
2012Red blood cell alterations in systemic sclerosis: a pilot studyGiovannetti, Antonello; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Pietraforte, Donatella; Rosato, Edoardo; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Salsano, Felice; Malorni, Walter; Straface, Elisabetta
2011The red blood cell as a gender-associated biomarker in metabolic syndrome: a pilot studyStraface, Elisabetta; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Mattatelli, Antonella; Canali, Emanuele; Boccalini, Francesca; Agati, Luciano; Malorni, Walter
2008Red blood cells as a model to differentiate between direct and indirect oxidation pathways of peroxynitriteMinetti, Maurizio; Pietraforte, Donatella; Straface, Elisabetta; Metere, Alessio; Matarrese, Paola; Malorni, Walter
1997Redox-dependent HIV-1 replication in human monocytes/macrophages: protective role exerted by the antioxidant N-acetylcysteineMalorni, Walter; Rivabene, Roberto; Conti, Lucia; Varano, Barbara; Rainaldi, Gabriella; Belardelli, Filippo; Gessani, Sandra
2006Redox control of red blood cell biology: the red blood cell as a target and source of prooxidant speciesMinetti, Maurizio; Malorni, Walter
2007Redox features of the cell: a gender perspectiveMalorni, Walter; Campesi, Ilaria; Straface, Elisabetta; Vella, Stefano; Franconi, Flavia
2001Redox imbalance and immune functions: opposite effects of oxidized low-density lipoproteins and N-acetylcysteineViora, Marina; Quaranta, Maria Giovanna; Straface, Elisabetta; Varì, Rosaria; Masella, Roberta; Malorni, Walter
2011Redox imbalance of red blood cells impacts T lymphocyte homeostasis: implication in carotid atherosclerosisProfumo, Elisabetta; Buttari, Brigitta; Petrone, Linda; Straface, Elisabetta; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Pietraforte, Donatella; Genuini, Igino; Capoano, Raffaele; Salvati, Bruno; Malorni, Walter; Riganò, Rachele
2008Redox state, cell death and autoimmune diseases: a gender perspectiveOrtona, Elena; Margutti, Paola; Matarrese, Paola; Franconi, Flavia; Malorni, Walter
2010Reducing the risk of overdiagnosis in lung carcer: a support from molecular biologyBarba, Maddalena; Felsani, Armando; Rinaldi, Massimo; Giunta, Salvatore; Malorni, Walter; Paggi, Marco G
1997Resistance to apoptosis in Fanconi's anemia. An ex vivo study in peripheral blood mononuclear cellsMonti, Daniela; Macchioni, Sabrina; Guido, Marcello; Pagano, Giovanni; Zatterale, Adriana; Calzone, Rita; Cossarizza, Andrea; Straface, Elisabetta; Malorni, Walter; Franceschi, Claudio
1997Retinoic acid and IFN inhibition of cell proliferation is associated with apoptosis in squamous carcinoma cell lines: role of IRF-1 and TGase II-dependent pathways Giandomenico, Valeria; Lancillotti, Francesca; Fiorucci, Gianna; Percario, Zulema Antonia; Rivabene, Roberto; Malorni, Walter; Affabris, Elisabetta; Romeo, Giovanna
Showing results 307 to 326 of 381
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