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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Replication and multiplication of hepathitis C virus genome in human foetal liver cellsIacovacci, Silvia; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Parolini, Isabella; Ponzetto, Antonio; Peschle, Cesare; Carloni, Guido
1994Retinoic acid downmodulates erythroid differentiation and GATA1 expression in purified adult-progenitor cultureLabbaye, Catherine; Valtieri, Mauro; Testa, Ugo; Giampaolo, Adele; Meccia, Ettore; Sterpetti, Paola; Parolini, Isabella; Pelosi, Elvira; Bulgarini, Daniela; Cayre, Y.E.; Peschle, Cesare
2003Role of Cav-1 in bFGE-mediated signalling in NIH3T3: possible implication in human melanoma bFGF transactived cellsParolini, Isabella; Fecchi, Katia; Felicetti, Federica; Carè, Alessandra; Sargiacomo, Massimo
2012The role of caveolin-1 in skin cancerCarè, Alessandra; Parolini, Isabella; Felicetti, Federica; Sargiacomo, Massimo
2002Role of cholesterol in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope protein-mediated fusion with host cellsViard, Mathias; Parolini, Isabella; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Fecchi, Katia; Ramoni, Carlo; Ablan, Sherimay; Ruscetti, Francis W.; Wang, Ji Ming; Blumenthal, Robert
2004The role of glycosphingolipids in HIV signaling, entry and pathogenesisViard, Mathias; Parolini, Isabella; Rawat, Satinder S.; Fecchi, Katia; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Puri, Anu; Blumenthal, Robert
1996Signal transduction and Glycophosphatidylinositol-linked-proteins (LYN, LCK, CD4, CD45, G proteins, and CD55) selectively localize in triton-insoluble plasma membrane domains of human leukemic cell lines and normal granulocytesParolini, Isabella; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Lisanti, Michael P; Peschle, Cesare
2006TfR2 localizes in lipid raft domains and is released in exosomes to activate signal transduction along the MAPK pathwayCalzolari, Alessia; Raggi, Carla; Deaglio, Silvia; Sposi, Nadia Maria; Stafsnes, Marit; Fecchi, Katia; Parolini, Isabella; Malavasi, Fabio; Peschle, Cesare; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Testa, Ugo
Showing results 28 to 35 of 35
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