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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000PML/RAR alpha fusion protein expression in normal human hematopoietic progenitors dictates myeloid commitment and the promyelocytic phenotypeGrignani, Francesco; Valtieri, Mauro; Gabbianelli, Marco; Gelmetti, Vania; Botta, Rosanna; Lucchetti, Luisella; Masella, Barbara; Morsilli, Ornella; Pelosi, Elvira; Samoggia, Paola; Pelicci, Pier Giuseppe; Peschle, Cesare
2001Post-natal CD34+KDR+ cells generate both hematopoietic and endothelial cells in minibulk culturePelosi, Elvira; Valtieri, Mauro; Sgadari, Cecilia; Coppola, Simona; Testa, Ugo; Peschle, Cesare
2001Post-natal CD34+KDR+ cells injected into murine blastocyst exhibit multi-tissue plasticity in mouse embroyos and newbornsHarder, Fridrich; Marziali, Giovanna; Lulli, Valentina; Pelosi, Elvira; Valtieri, Mauro; Mueller, Robert; Peschle, Cesare
1997Production of recombinant human GM-CSF-EPO hybrid proteins: in vitro biological characterizationCoscarella, A; Carloni, C; Liddi, R; Mauro, S; Novelli, S; Mele, A; Masella, Barbara; Valtieri, Mauro; De Santis, R
1992Pure haematopoietic progenitors: a new tool to investigate cellular/moleclar mechanisms underlying early haematopoiesisPeschle, Cesare; Valtieri, Mauro; Testa, Ugo; Pelosi, Elvira; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Gabbianelli, Marco; Carè, Alessandra; Bulgarini, Daniela; Mastroberardino, Gianfranco; Isacchi, Giancarlo
1992Pure human haematopoietic progenitors: a tool for the analysis of the cellular and molecular basis of haematopoiesisPelosi, Elvira; Gabbianelli, Marco; Testa, Ugo; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Samoggia, Paola; Valtieri, Mauro; Mastroberardino, Gianfranco; Camagna, Antonio; Isacchi, Giancarlo; Peschle, Cesare
1991Pure human hematopoietic progenitors: direct inhibitory effect of transforming growth factors-beta 1 and -beta 2 Sargiacomo, Massimo; Valtieri, Mauro; Gabbianelli, Marco; Pelosi, Elvira; Testa, Ugo; Camagna, Antonio; Peschle, Cesare
2001Purification and functional assay of pluripotent hematopoietic stem cellsPeschle, Cesare; Botta, Rosanna; Muller, Robert; Valtieri, Mauro; Ziegler, Benedikt L.
1994Purified hematopoietic stem and progenitors cells (HSCs/HPCs): a novel tool for basic and clinical researchPeschle, Cesare; Carè, Alessandra; Chelucci, Cristiana; Gabbianelli, Marco; Giampaolo, Adele; Hassan, Hamisa Jane; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Pelosi, Elvira; Testa, Ugo; Valtieri, Mauro
1994Purified human hematopoietic progenitors: a tool for analysis of cellular mechanisms in early hematopoiesisTesta, Ugo; Valtieri, Mauro; Gabbianelli, Marco; Pelosi, Elvira; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Martucci, Robert; Parolini, Isabella; Massa, Adriana; Camagna, Antonio; Mastroberardino, Gianfranco; Peschle, Cesare
1990Reactivation of HbF synthesis in normal adult erythroid bursts by IL-3 Gabbianelli, Marco; Pelosi, Elvira; Labbaye, Catherine; Valtieri, Mauro; Testa, Ugo; Peschle, Cesare
1994Retinoic acid downmodulates erythroid differentiation and GATA1 expression in purified adult-progenitor cultureLabbaye, Catherine; Valtieri, Mauro; Testa, Ugo; Giampaolo, Adele; Meccia, Ettore; Sterpetti, Paola; Parolini, Isabella; Pelosi, Elvira; Bulgarini, Daniela; Cayre, Y.E.; Peschle, Cesare
1990Stage-related proliferative activity determines c-myb functional requirements during normal human hematopoiesisCaracciolo, Daniele; Venturelli, Donatella; Valtieri, Mauro; Peschle, Cesare; Gewirtz, Alan M; Calabretta, Bruno
1993Stringently purified human hematopoietic progenitors/stem cells: analysis of cellular/molecular mechanisms underlying early hematopoiesisPeschle, Cesare; Testa, Ugo; Valtieri, Mauro; Gabbianelli, Marco; Pelosi, Elvira; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Sposi, Nadia Maria; Fossati, Carolina; Camagna, Antonio; Carè, Alessandra
1996Surface antigen expression on CD34+ cord blood cells: comparative analysis by flow cytometry and limiting dilution (LD) RT-PCR of chymopapain-treated or untreated cellsZiegler, Benedikt L.; Thoma, Stefan J.; Lamping, Christa P.; Valtieri, Mauro; Muller, Robert; Samoggia, Paola; Buhring, Hans Jorg; Peschle, Cesare; Fliedner, Theodor
1996T-cell-directed TAL-1 expression induces T-cell malignancies in transgenic mice1Condorelli, Gianluigi; Facchiano, Francesco; Valtieri, Mauro; Proietti, Enrico; Vitelli, Luigi; Lulli, Valentina; Huebner, K.; Peschle, Cesare; Croce, Carlo Maria
1993Transforming growth factor-beta potentiates vitamin D3-induced terminal monocytic differentiation of human leukemic cell lines Testa, Ugo; Masciulli, Rosalba; Tritarelli, Elena; Pustorino, Rosalia; Mariani, Gualtiero; Martucci, Robert; Barberi, Tiziano; Camagna, Antonio; Valtieri, Mauro; Peschle, Cesare
1992Trasferimento genico in cellule staminali ematopoietichePeschle, Cesare; Valtieri, Mauro; Schirò, Raffaella; Hassan, Hamisa Jane; Chelucci, Cristiana; Testa, Ugo; Pelosi, Elvira; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Gabbianelli, Marco; Guerriero, Raffaella; Mastroberardino, Gianfranco; Camagna, Antonio; Isacchi, Giancarlo
1991Two-step differentiation of AML-193 leukemic line: terminal maturation is induced by positive interaction of retinoic acid with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (CSF) and vitamin D3 with monocyte CSF Valtieri, Mauro; Boccoli, Giovanni; Testa, Ugo; Barletta, Cosimo; Peschle, Cesare
1999Unicellular-unilineage erythropoietic cultures: molecular analysis of regulatory gene expression at sibling cell levelZiegler, Benedikt L.; Muller, Robert; Valtieri, Mauro; Lamping, Christa P.; Thomas, Christian A.; Gabbianelli, Marco; Giesert, Christina; Buhring, Hans Jorg; Kanz, Lothar; Peschle, Cesare
Showing results 57 to 76 of 77
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