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2002Cross-presentation of apoptotic oligodendrocyte-derived myelin basic protein to MBP-specific CD4+ T cells by dendritic cellsAccapezzato, Daniele; Agresti, Cristina; Ristori, Giacomo; Salvetti, Marco; Aloisi, Francesca; Barnaba, Vincenzo
2008Dendritic cells loaded with apoptotic oligodendrocytes as a source of myelin T-cell epitopes in multiple sclerosis Meloni, Francesca; Accapezzato, Daniele; Agresti, Cristina; Aloisi, Francesca; Ristori, Giovanni; Salvetti, Marco; Furlan, Roberto; Gianvito, Martino; Barnaba, Vincenzo; Paroli, Marino
1997Human CD4+ T cell response to hepatitis delta virus: identification of multiple epitopes and characterization of T helper cytokine profilesNisini, Roberto; Paroli, Marino; Accapezzato, Daniele; Bonino, Ferruccio; Floriano, Rosina; Santantonio, Teresa; Sallusto, Federica; Houghton, Michael; Barnaba, Vincenzo
2006IFN-a-conditioned dendritic cells are highly efficient in inducing cross-priming CD8+ T-cells against exogenous viral antigensLapenta, Caterina; Santini, Stefano Maria; Spada, Massimo; Donati, Simona; Urbani, Francesca; Accapezzato, Daniele; Franceschini, Debora; Andreotti, Mauro; Barnaba, Vincenzo; Belardelli, Filippo
2012Polyfunctional type-1, -2, and -17 CD8+ T cell responses to apoptotic self-antigens correlate with the chronic evolution of hepatitis C virus infectionFranceschini, Debora; Del Porto, Paola; Piconese, Silvia; Trella, Emanuela; Accapezzato, Daniele; Paroli, Marino; Morrone, Stefania; Piccolella, Enza; Spada, Enea; Mele, Alfonso; Sidney, John; Sette, Alessandro; Barnaba, Vincenzo
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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