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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Agonistic encounters in aged male mouse potentiate the expression of endogenous brain NGF and BDNF: possible implication for brain progenitor cells' activationFiore, Marco; Amendola, Tiziana; Triaca, Viviana; Tirassa, Paola; Alleva, Enrico; Aloe, Luigi
2006Alcohol intake during prenatal life affects neuroimmune mediators and brain neurogenesisAloe, Luigi
1999Aspetti neurobiologiciCalamandrei, Gemma; Cirulli, Francesca; Alleva, Enrico; Aloe, Luigi
2003"Autistic-like" behavioural syndrome in a rat model of neonatal asphyxiaAdriani, Walter; Rea, Monica; Laviola, Giovanni; Aloe, Luigi
1991Capsaicin affects aggressive behavior, but not hot plate responding, of adult male mice Alleva, Enrico; Aloe, Luigi; Bigi, Sabrina; De Acetis, Luigi
1996Changes in human plasma nerve growth factor level after chronic alcohol consumption and withdrawalAloe, Luigi; Tuveri, Marco Aurelio; Guerra, Giovanni; Pinna, L.; Tirassa, Paola; Micera, Alessandra; Alleva, Enrico
2009Changes in plasma levels of BDNF and NGF reveal a gender-selective vulnerability to early adversity in rhesus macaquesCirulli, Francesca; Francia, Nadia; Branchi, Igor; Antonucci, Maria Teresa; Aloe, Luigi; Suomi, Stephen J; Alleva, Enrico
1990Changes of NGF level in mouse hypothalamus following intermale aggressive behaviour: biological and immunohistochemical evidenceAloe, Luigi; Alleva, Enrico; De Simone, Roberta
2008Clozapine or Haloperidol in rats prenatally exposed to methylazoxymethanol, a compound inducing entorhinal-hippocampal deficits, alterm brain and blood neurotrophins’ concentrationsFiore, Marco; Di Fausto, Veronica; Iannitelli, Angela; Aloe, Luigi
1994Cold water swimming stress alters NGF and low-affinity NGF receptors distribution in developing rat brainAloe, Luigi; Tirassa, Paola; Alleva, Enrico
2010Conjunctivally-administered NGF antibody reduces pain sensitivity and anxiety-like behavioral responses in aged female miceBerry, Alessandra; Aloe, Luigi; Rossi, Simona; Bonsignore, Luca Tommaso; Capone, Francesca; Alleva, Enrico; Cirulli, Francesca
2012Daily serum and salivary BDNF levels correlate with morning-evening personality type in women and are affected by light therapyTirassa, Paola; Iannitelli, Angela; Sornelli, Federica; Cirulli, Francesca; Mazza, Monica; Calza, Arianna; Alleva, Enrico; Branchi, Igor; Aloe, Luigi; Bersani, Giuseppe; Pacitti, Francesca
2002Developmental exposure to the antiretroviral drug zidovudine increases brain levels of of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in miceCalamandrei, Gemma; Valanzano, Angelina; Puopolo, Maria; Aloe, Luigi
2001Developmental profile of serum nerve growth factor levels in Rett complexCalamandrei, Gemma; Aloe, Luigi; Hajek, Jousef; Zappella, Michele
2007Early adversity affects nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor and disrupts neurobehavioral development in macaquesCirulli, Francesca; Francia, Nadia; Capone, Francesca; Aloe, Luigi; Suomi, Stephen J; Alleva, Enrico
2007Early behavioural enrichment in the form handling renders mouse pups unresponsive to anxiolytic drugs and increases NGF levels in the hippocampusCirulli, Francesca; Capone, Francesca; Bonsignore, Luca Tommaso; Aloe, Luigi; Alleva, Enrico
2007Early experiences affect brain plasticity and behavioral development: data from rodents and non-human primatesCirulli, Francesca; Branchi, Igor; Francia, Nadia; Aloe, Luigi; Alleva, Enrico; Suomi, Stephen J
1994Early exposure to aluminium affects eight-arm maze performance and hippocampal nerve growth factor levels in adult miceSantucci, Daniela; Rankin, Judith; Laviola, Giovanni; Aloe, Luigi; Alleva, Enrico
2008Early exposure to ethanol but not red wine at the same alcohol concentration induces behavioral and brain neurotrophin alterations in young and adult miceMancinelli, Rosanna; Fiore, Marco; Laviola, Giovanni; Aloe, Luigi; Ceccanti, Mauro
2009Early exposure to ethanol but not red wine at the same alcohol concentration induces behavioral and brain neurotrophin alterations in young and adult miceFiore, Marco; Laviola, Giovanni; Aloe, Luigi; Di Fausto, Veronica; Mancinelli, Rosanna; Ceccanti, Mauro
Showing results 1 to 20 of 111
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