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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Contaminanti ambientali e cancerogenesi: esempi di meccanismi d'azioneAquilina, Gabriele
1993Defective mismatch binding and a mutator phenotype in cells tolerant to DNA damage (Letter)Branch, Pauline; Aquilina, Gabriele; Bignami, Margherita; Karran, Peter
1989DNA repair of alkylation damage and its relevance to mutation fixation in mammalian cellsBignami, Margherita; Aquilina, Gabriele; Zijno, Andrea; Frosina, Guido; Abbondandolo, Angelo; Dogliotti, Eugenia
1994DNA replication arrest and tolerance to DNA methylation damageZhukovskaya, N.; Branch, Pauline; Aquilina, Gabriele; Karran, Peter
1999Effect of hMSH6 cDNA expression on the phenotype of mismatch repair-deficient colon cancer cell line HCT15Lettieri, Teresa; Marra, Giancarlo; Aquilina, Gabriele; Bignami, Margherita; Crompton, Nigel E.A.; Palombo, Fabio; Jiricny, Josef
1994Endogenous DNA damage and spontaneous mutagenesis in cultured mammalian cellsAquilina, Gabriele
1992Expression of the endogenous O6-methylguanine-DNA-methyltransferase protects Chinese hamster ovary cells from spontanepus G:C to A:T transitionsAquilina, Gabriele; Biondo, Renato; Dogliotti, Eugenia; Meuth, Mark; Bignami, Margherita
1993Genetic consequences of tolerance to methylation DNA damage in mammalian cells Aquilina, Gabriele; Biondo, Renato; Dogliotti, Eugenia; Bignami, Margherita
1996Genetic instability and methylation tolerance in colon cancer Aquilina, Gabriele; Bignami, Margherita
1984Genotoxic activity od dichlorvos, trichlorfon and dichloroacetaldehydeAquilina, Gabriele; Benigni, Romualdo; Bignami, Margherita; Calcagnile, Angelo; Dogliotti, Eugenia; Falcone, Emiliana; Carere, Angelo
1988In vitro and in vivo mutagenicity studies with airborne particulate extractsCrebelli, Riccardo; Fuselli, Sergio; Meneguz, Annarita; Aquilina, Gabriele; Conti, Luigi; Leopardi, Paola; Zijno, Andrea; Baris, F; Carere, Angelo
1984In vitro mutagenicity of rubber chemicals and their nitrosation productsCrebelli, Riccardo; Falcone, Emiliana; Aquilina, Gabriele; Carere, Angelo
1998Increased somatic recombination in methylation tolerant human cells with defective DNA mismatch repair Ciotta, Carmela; Ceccotti, Sabrina; Aquilina, Gabriele; Humbert, Odile; Palombo, Fabio; Jiricny, Josef; Bignami, Margherita
1988Isolation of clones displaying enhanced resistance to methylating agents in O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase-proficient CHO cellsAquilina, Gabriele; Frosina, Guido; Zijno, Andrea; Di Muccio, Alfonso; Dogliotti, Eugenia; Abbondandolo, Angelo; Bignami, Margherita
1994Mammalian cells defective in DNA mismatch correctionBranch, Pauline; Aquilina, Gabriele; Hess, Patricia; Bignami, Margherita; Karran, Peter
2002The mammalian mismatch repair pathway removes DNA 8-oxodGMP incorporated from the oxidized dNTP poolColussi, Claudia; Parlanti, Eleonora; Degan, Paolo; Aquilina, Gabriele; Barnes, Deborah; Macpherson, Peter; Karran, Peter; Crescenzi, Marco; Dogliotti, Eugenia; Bignami, Margherita
1990Microbial mutagenicity screening of natural flavouring substancesCrebelli, Riccardo; Aquilina, Gabriele; Conti, Luigi; Carere, Angelo
1994A mismatch recognition defect in colon carcinoma confers DNA microsatellite instability and a mutator phenotypeAquilina, Gabriele; Hess, Patricia; Branch, Pauline; MacGeoch, Catriona; Casciano, Ida; Karran, Peter; Bignami, Margherita
1999Mismatch repair and differential sensitivity of mouse and human cells to methylating agentsHumbert, Odile; Fiumicino, Silvia; Aquilina, Gabriele; Branch, Pauline; Oda, Shinya; Zijno, Andrea; Karran, Peter; Bignami, Margherita
2000Mismatch repair and p53 independently affect sensitivity to N-(2-chloroethyl)-N' -cyclohexyl-N-nitrosoureaAquilina, Gabriele; Ceccotti, Sabrina; Martinelli, Simone; Soddu, Silvia; Crescenzi, Marco; Branch, Pauline; Karran, Peter; Bignami, Margherita
Showing results 1 to 20 of 46
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