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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006B-cell posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorders in heart and/or lungs recipients: Clinical and molecular-histogenetic study of 17 cases from a single institutionLucioni M; Capello D; Riboni R; Ippoliti G; Campana C; Bandiera L; Arcaini L; Rossi D; Cerri M; Dionigi P; Lazzarino M; Magrini U; Vigano M; Gaidano G; Paulli M
2004Combination of rituximab cyclophosphamide and vincristine induces complete hematologic remission of splenic marginal zone lymphomaArcaini L; Orlandi E; Scotti M; Brusamolino E; Passamonti F; Burcheri S; Colombo N; Vanelli L; Sbalzarini G; Lazzarino M
2006Correlation of the FLIPI score for follicular lymphoma with period of diagnosis and type of treatmentArcaini L; Colombo N; Passamonti F; Burcheri S; Orlandi E; Brusamolino E; Della Porta M; Rumi E; Montanari F; Pascutto C; Paulli M; Lazzarino M
2006Distinctive natural history in hepatitis C virus positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: analysis of 156 patients from northern ItalyVisco C; Arcaini L; Brusamolino E; Burcheri S; Ambrosetti A; Merli M; Bonoldi E; Chilosi M; Viglio A; Lazzarino M; Pizzolo G; Rodeghiero F
2007Familial chronic myeloproliferative disorders: clinical phenotype and evidence of disease anticipationRumi E; Passamonti F; Della Porta MG; Elena C; Arcaini L; Vanelli L; Del Curto C; Pietra D; Boveri E; Pascutto C; Cavalloro M; Lazzarino M
2007HLA typing and VH gene rearrangement analysis in a family with hairy cell leukaemiaRumi E; Passamonti F; Zibellini S; Martinetti M; Arcaini L; Elena C; Cavalloro M; Lazzarino M
2005Immunochemotherapy with rituximab, vincristine and 5-day cyclophosphamide for heavily pretreated follicular lymphomaLazzarino M; Arcaini L; Orlandi E; Iacona I; Bernasconi P; Calatroni S; Varettoni M; Isa L; Brusamolino E; Bonfichi M; Passamonti F; Burcheri S; Pascutto C; Regazzi Mb
2007Increased risk of pregnancy complications in patients with essential thrombocythemia carrying the JAK2 (617V > F) mutationPassamonti F; Randi Ml; Rumi E; Pungolino E; Elena C; Pietra D; Scapin M; Arcaini L; Tezza F; Moratti R; Pascutto C; Fabris F; Morra E; Cavalloro M; Lazzarino M
2007An insidious presentation of splenic marginal zone lymphomaBurcheri S; Arcaini L; Della Porta M; Paulli M; Boveri E; Zibellini S; Rumi E; Algarotti A; Passamouti F; Lazzarino M
2006JAK2 (V617F) as an acquired somatic mutation and a secondary genetic event associated with disease progression in familial myeloproliferative disordersRumi E; Passamonti F; Pietra D; Della Porta MG; Arcaini L; Boggi S; Elena C; Boveri E; Pascutto C; Lazzarino M; Cavalloro M
2005Leukemic transformation of polycythemia vera - A single center study of 23 patientsPassamonti F; Rumi E; Arcaini L; Castagnola C; Lunghi M; Bernasconi P; Della Porta MG; Columbo N; Pascutto C; Cavalloro M; Lazzarino M
2004Life expectancy and prognostic factors for survival in patients with polycythemia vera and essential thrombocythemiaPassamonti F; Rumi E; Pungolino E; Malabarba L; Bertazzoni P; Valentini M; Orlandi E; Arcaini L; Brusamolino E; Pascutto C; Cavalloro M; Morra E; Lazzarino M
2006Long-term events in adult patients with clinical stage IA-IIa nonbulky Hodgkin's lymphoma treated with four cycles of doxorubicin, bleomycin,vinblastine, and dacarbazine and adjuvant radiotherapy: A single-institution 15-year follow-upBrusamolino E; Baio A; Orlandi E; Arcaini L; Passamonti F; Griva V; Casagrande W; Pascutto C; Franchini P; Lazzarino M
2004Long-term follow-up of young patients with essential thrombocythemia treated with pipobromanPassamonti F; Rumi E; Malabarba L; Arcaini L; Orlandi E; Brusamolino E; Pascutto C; Cavalloro M; Lazzarino M
2004A model of in vivo purging with Rituximab and high-dose AraC in follicular and mantle cell lymphomaArcaini L; Orlandi E; Alessandrino EP; Iacona I; Brusamolino E; Bonfichi M; Bernasconi P; Calatroni S; Tenore A; Montanari F; Troletti D; Pascutto C; Regazzi M; Lazzarino M
2004Most cases of primary salivary mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma are associated either with Sjoegren syndrome or hepatitis C virus infectionAmbrosetti A; Zanotti R; Pattaro C; Lenzi L; Chilosi M; Caramaschi P; Arcaini L; Pasini F; Biasi D; Orlandi E; D'Adda M; Lucioni M; Pizzolo G
2006Nongastric marginal-zone B-cell MALT lymphoma: prognostic value of disease disseminationArcaini L; Burcheri S; Rossi A; Passamonti F; Paulli M; Boveri E; Brusamolino E; Orlandi E; Molteni A; Pulsoni A; Cox MC; Orsucci L; Fabbri A; Frezzato M; Voso MT; Zaja F; Montanari F; Pascutto C; Morra E; Cortelazzo S; Lazzarino M
2006A paraumbilical lymphomatous massBurcheri S; Arcaini L
2005Pharmacokinetic Behavior of Rituximab: A Study of Different Schedules of Administration for Heterogeneous Clinical SettingsRegazzi MB; Iacona I; Avanzini MA; Arcaini L; Merlini G; Perfetti V; Zaja F; Montagna M; Morra E; Lazzarino M
2007Prevalence of HCV infection in nongastric marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of MALTArcaini L; Burcheri S; Rossi A; Paulli M; Bruno R; Passamonti F; Brusamolino E; Molteni A; Pulsoni A; Cox Mc; Orsucci L; Fabbri A; Frezzato M; Voso Mt; Zaja F; Montanari F; Merli M; Pascutto C; Morra E; Cortelazzo S; Lazzarino M
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