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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Aggregation of gramicidin A in phospholipid Langmuir-Blodgett monolayersDiociaiuti, Marco; Bordi, Federico; Motta, Annalisa; Carosi, Alessandra; Molinari, Agnese; Arancia, Giuseppe; Coluzza, Carlo
1993An alternative procedure for ESR identification of irradiated chicken drumsticksBordi, Federico; Fattibene, Paola; Onori, Sandro; Pantaloni, Marco
2005Charge patch attraction and reentrant condensation in DNA-liposome complexesSennato, Simona; Bordi, Federico; Cametti, Cesare; Diociaiuti, Marco; Malaspina, P
2004Complexation of anionic polyelectrolytes with cationic liposomes: evidence of reentrant condensation and lipoplex formationBordi, Federico; Cametti, Cesare; Diociaiuti, Marco; Gaudino, D.; Gili, Tommaso; Sennato, Simona
1990Determination of cell membrane passive electrical properties using frequency domain dielectric spectroscopy technique. A new approach Bordi, Federico; Cametti, Cesare; Di Biasio, A
2006Direct evidence of multi-compartment aggregates in polyelectrolyte-charged liposome complexesBordi, Federico; Cametti, Cesare; Sennato, Simona; Diociaiuti, Marco
2004Distribution of GD3 in DPPC monolayers: a thermodynamic and atomic force microscopy combined studyDiociaiuti, Marco; Ruspantini, Irene; Giordani, Cristiano; Bordi, Federico; Chistolini, Pietro
1994ESR dose assessment in irradiated chicken legsBordi, Federico; Fattibene, Paola; Onori, Sandro; Pantaloni, Marco
2000Gramicidin A aggregation in phospholipid Langmuir-Blodget monolayers: an atomic force microscopy studyDiociaiuti, Marco; Bordi, Federico; Motta, Annalisa; Carosi, Alessandra; Ercolini, Erika; Arancia, Giuseppe; Cametti, Cesare; Coluzza, Carlo
2012How stereochemistry affects the physicochemical features of gemini surfactant based cationic liposomesAleandri, Simone; Bonicelli, Maria Grazia; Bordi, Federico; Casciari, Stefano; Diociaiuti, Marco; Giansanti, Luisa; Leonelli, Francesca; Mancini, Giovanna; Perrone, Giuseppe; Sennato, Simona
1994Influence of antrhacyclinic antibiotics on membranes of human erythrocytes: a combined radiowave electrical conductivity and electron microscopy studyArancia, Giuseppe; Bordi, Federico; Calcabrini, Annarica; Cametti, Cesare; Diociaiuti, Marco; Molinari, Agnese
1999Interactions of anthracyclines with zwitterionic phospholipid monolayers at the air-water interfaceBordi, Federico; Cametti, Cesare; Motta, Annalisa; Diociaiuti, Marco; Molinari, Agnese
2005Large equilibrium clusters in low density aqueous suspensions of polyelectrolyte- liposome complexes: a phenomenological modelBordi, Federico; Cametti, Cesare; Diociaiuti, Marco; Sennato, Simona
1999Morphological and functional alterations of human erythrocytes induced by SiO2 particles: an electron microscopy and dielectric spectroscopy studyDiociaiuti, Marco; Bordi, Federico; Gataleta, Licia; Baldo, Giuseppina; Crateri, Pasqualina; Paoletti, Luigi
2011New pyrenyl fluorescent amphiphiles: synthesis and aggregation propertiesBombelli, Cecilia; Bordi, Federico; Borocci, Stefano; Diociaiuti, Marco; Lettieri, Raffaella; Limongelli, Francesca; Mancini, Giovanna; Sennato, Simona
2002P-glycoprotein inserted in planar lipid bilayers formed by liposomes opened on amorphous carbon and Langmuir-blodgett monolayerDiociaiuti, Marco; Molinari, Agnese; Ruspantini, Irene; Gaudiano, Maria Cristina; Ippoliti, Rodolfo; Lendaro, Eugenio; Bordi, Federico; Chistolini, Pietro; Arancia, Giuseppe
2007Properties of mixed DOTAP-DPPC bilayer membranes as reported by differential scanning calorimetry and dynamic light scattering measurementsCinelli, Stefania; Onori, Giuseppe; Zuzzi, S; Bordi, Federico; Cametti, Cesare; Sennato, Simona; Diociaiuti, Marco
2013Role of macrophage activation in the lipid metabolism of postprandial triacylglycerol-rich lipoproteinsNapolitano, Mariarosaria; Sennato, Simona; Botham, Kathleen M; Bordi, Federico; Bravo, Elena
2010Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of new twin-tailed N-oxide based gemini surfactantsBordi, Federico; Cerichelli, Giorgio; De Bernardini, Nadia; Diociaiuti, Marco; Giansanti, Luisa; Mancini, Giovanna; Sennato, Simona
1995Ultrastructural and spectroscopic methods in the study of anthracycline-membrane interaction Arancia, Giuseppe; Bordi, Federico; Calcabrini, Annarica; Diociaiuti, Marco; Molinari, Agnese
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20


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