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20002-chloro-adenosine induces a glutamate-dependent calcium response in C2C12 myotubesFrank, Claudio; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Falzano, Loredana; Rufini, Stefano; Ceruti, Stefania; Camurri, Alessandra; Malorni, Walter; Abbracchio, Maria Pia; Fiorentini, Carla
2001The A3 adenosine receptor induces cytoskeleton rearrangement in human astrocytoma cells via a specific action on Rho proteinsAbbracchio, Maria Pia; Camurri, Alessandra; Ceruti, Stefania; Cattabeni, Flaminio; Falzano, Loredana; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Jacobsen, Kenneth A.; Trincavelli, Letizia; Martini, Claudia; Malorni, Walter; Fiorentini, Carla
2000Adenosine- and 2-chloro-adenosine-induced cytopathic effects on myoblastic cells and myotubes: involvement of different intracellular mechanismsCeruti, Stefania; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Camurri, Alessandra; Falzano, Loredana; Rufini, Stefano; Frank, Claudio; Fiorentini, Carla; Malorni, Walter; Abbracchio, Maria Pia
2000Apoptosis induced by 2-chloro-adenosine and 2-chloro-2'-deoxy-adenosine in a human astrocytoma cell line: differential mechanisms and possible clinical relevanceCeruti, Stefania; Franceschi, Claudio; Barbieri, Daniela; Malorni, Walter; Camurri, Alessandra; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Ambrosini, Anna; Racagni, Giorgio; Cattabeni, Flaminio; Abbracchio, Maria Pia
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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