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1997Antiretroviral effect of combined zidovudine and reduced glutathione therapy in murine AIDSMagnani, Mauro; Fraternale, A; Casabianca, A; Schiavano, GF; Chiarantini, L; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Garaci, Enrico
2006Antiviral and immunomodulatory properties of new pro-glutathione (GSH) moleculesFraternale, A; Paoletti, Maria Filomena; Casabianca, A; Oiry, J; Clayette, P; Vogel, JU; Cinatl, J Jr; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Sgarbanti, Rossella; Garaci, Enrico; Benatti, U; Magnani, Mauro
2003Drug-loaded red blood cell-mediated clearance of HIV-1 macrophage reservoir by selective inhibition of STAT1 expressionMagnani, Mauro; Balestra, Emanuela; Fraternale, A; Aquaro, Stefano; Paiardini, Mirko; Cervasi, B; Casabianca, A; Garaci, Enrico; Perno, Carlo Federico
2003Erythrocytes as carriers of reduced glutathione (GSH) in the treatment of retroviral infectionsFraternale, E; Casabianca, A; Rossi, Luigi; Chiarantini, L; Schiavano, GF; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Garaci, Enrico; Magnani, Mauro
1996Inhibition of murine AIDS by reduced glutathionePalamara, Anna Teresa; Garaci, Enrico; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Casabianca, A; Fraternale, A; Rossi, Luigi; Schiavano, GF; Chiarantini, L; Magnani, Mauro
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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