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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Activation of human B-MYB by cyclinsSala, Arturo; Kundu, Mondira; Casella, Ida; Engelhard, Andrew; Calabretta, Bruno; Grasso, Luigi; Paggi, Marco G; Giordano, Antonio; Watson, Roger J.; Khalili, Kamel; Peschle, Cesare
1996Apoptotic response to oncogenic stimuli: cooperative and antagonistic interactions between c-myb and the growth suppressor p53Sala, Arturo; Casella, Ida; Grasso, Luigi; Bellon, Teresa; Reed, John C.; Miyashita, Toshiyuki; Peschle, Cesare
2003Autocrine-paracrine VEGF loops potentiate the maturation of megakaryocytic precursors through Flt1 receptorCasella, Ida; Feccia, Tiziana; Chelucci, Cristiana; Samoggia, Paola; Castelli, Germana; Guerriero, Raffaella; Parolini, Isabella; Petrucci, Eleonora; Pelosi, Elvira; Morsilli, Ornella; Gabbianelli, Marco; Testa, Ugo; Peschle, Cesare
1996B-myb promotes S phase and is a downstream target of the negative regulator p107 in human cellsSala, Arturo; Casella, Ida; Bellon, Teresa; Calabretta, Bruno; Watson, Roger J.; Peschle, Cesare
1999B-MYB transactivates its own promoter through SP1-binding sitesSala, Arturo; Saitta, Biagio; De Luca, Pasquale; Cervellera, Maria N.; Casella, Ida; Lewis, Robert E.; Watson, Roger J.; Peschle, Cesare
1994Efficient transfer of selectable and membrane reporter genes in hematopoietic progenitor and stem cells purified from human peripheral bloodValtieri, Mauro; Schirò, Raffaella; Chelucci, Cristiana; Masella, Barbara; Testa, Ugo; Casella, Ida; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Mariani, Gualtiero; Hassan, Hamisa Jane; Peschle, Cesare
2008Functional complementation of high efficiency resonance energy transfer. A new tool for the study of protein binding interactions in living cellsMolinari, Paola; Casella, Ida; Costa, Tommaso
1999HIV in vitro infection of hematopoietic progenitors: development of anti-HIV therapeutic preclinical models at level of stem/progenitor cellsPeschle, Cesare; Chelucci, Cristiana; Testa, Ugo; Casella, Ida; Guerriero, Raffaella; Pelosi, Elvira; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Federico, Maurizio; Grignani, Fausto; Ensoli, Barbara
1999KDR receptor: a key marker defining hematopoietic stem cellsZiegler, Benedikt L.; Valtieri, Mauro; Almedia Porada, G; De Maria, Ruggero; Muller, Robert; Masella, Barbara; Gabbianelli, Marco; Casella, Ida; Pelosi, Elvira; Bock, T.; Zanjani, E.D.; Peschle, Cesare
1999Lineage-specific expression of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) receptor/coreceptors in differentiating hematopoietic precursors: correlation with susceptibility to T- and M-tropic HIV and chemokine-mediated HIV resistanceChelucci, Cristiana; Casella, Ida; Federico, Maurizio; Testa, Ugo; Macioce, Giampiero; Pelosi, Elvira; Guerriero, Raffaella; Mariani, Gualtiero; Giampaolo, Adele; Hassan, Hamisa Jane; Peschle, Cesare
2008Non gonadotropin-releasing hormone-mediated transcription and secretion of large human glycoprotein hormone a-subunit in human embryonic kidney-293 cellsCasella, Ida; Lindner, Herbert; Zenzmaier, Christoph; Riitano, Daniela; Berger, Peter; Costa, Tommaso
1995Overexpression of DR-nm23, a protein encoded by a member of the nm23 gene family, inhibits granulocyte differentiation and induces apoptosis in 32Dc13 myeloid cellsVenturelli, Donatella; Martinez, Robert; Melotti, Paola; Casella, Ida; Peschle, Cesare; Cucco, Carla; Spampinato, Giuseppina; Darzynkiewicz, Zbigniew; Calabretta, Bruno
1995Overexpression of the zinc finger protein MZF1 inhibits hematopoietic development from embryonic stem cells: correlation with negative regulation of CD3 and c-myb promoter activityPerrotti, Danilo; Melotti, Paola; Skorski, Tomasz; Casella, Ida; Peschle, Cesare; Calabretta, Bruno
1998Productive human immunodeficency virus-1 infection of purified megakaryocytic progenitors/precursors and maturing megakaryocytesChelucci, Cristiana; Federico, Maurizio; Guerriero, Raffaella; Mattia, Gianfranco; Casella, Ida; Pelosi, Elvira; Testa, Ugo; Mariani, Gualtiero; Hassan, Hamisa Jane; Peschle, Cesare
2001Stromal cell-derived factor 1alfa increases polyploidization of megakaryocytes generated by human hematopoietic progenitor cellsGuerriero, Raffaella; Mattia, Gianfranco; Testa, Ugo; Chelucci, Cristiana; Macioce, Giampiero; Casella, Ida; Samoggia, Paola; Peschle, Cesare; Hassan, Hamisa Jane
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15


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