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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Antiretroviral prophylaxis for breastfeeding transmission in Malawi: drug concentrations, virologic efficacy and safetyPalombi, Leonardo; Pirillo, Maria Franca; Andreotti, Mauro; Liotta, Giuseppe; Erba, Fulvio; Sagno, Jean-Baptiste; Maulidi, Martin; Ceffa, Susanna; Jere, Haswell; Marchei, Emilia; Pichini, Simona; Galluzzo, Maria Clementina; Marazzi, Maria Cristina; Vella, Stefano; Giuliano, Marina
2010Correlation between HIV-1 viral load quantification in plasma, dried blood spots, and dried plasma spots using the roche COBAS Taqman assayAndreotti, Mauro; Pirillo, Maria Franca; Guidotti, Giovanni; Ceffa, Susanna; Paturzo, Giovanna; Germano, Paola; Luhanga, Richard; Chimwaza, David; Mancini, Maria Grazia; Marazzi, Maria Cristina; Vella, Stefano; Palombi, Leonardo; Giuliano, Marina
2012Emergence of lamivudine resistance hepatitis B virus mutations in pregnant women infected with HBV and HIV receiving antiretroviral prophylaxis for the prevention of mother-to-infant transmission in MalawiGalluzzo, Maria Clementina; Liotta, Giuseppe; Andreotti, Mauro; Luhanga, Richard; Jere, Haswell; Mancinelli, Sandro; Maulidi, Martin; Sagno, Jean-Baptiste; Pirillo, Maria Franca; Erba, Fulvio; Amici, Roberta; Ceffa, Susanna; Marazzi, Maria Cristina; Vella, Stefano; Palombi, Leonardo; Giuliano, Marina
2010Improving HIV-2 detection by a combination of serological and nucleic acid amplification test assaysCiccaglione, Anna Rita; Miceli, Michela; Pisani, Giulio; Bruni, Roberto; Iudicone, Paola; Costantino, Angela; Equestre, Michele; Tritarelli, Elena; Marcantonio, Cinzia; Tataseo, Paola; Marazzi, Maria Cristina; Ceffa, Susanna; Paturzo, Giovanna; Doro Altan, Annamaria; Magnano San Lio, Massimo; Mancinelli, Sandro; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Lo Presti, Alessandra; Rezza, Giovanni; Palombi, Leonardo
2011Limited risk of drug resistance after discontinuation of antiretroviral prophylaxis for the prevention of breastfeeding transmission of HIVPalombi, Leonardo; Luhanga, Richard; Galluzzo, Maria Clementina; Andreotti, Mauro; Liotta, Giuseppe; Ceffa, Susanna; Jere, Haswell; Marazzi, Maria Cristina; Vella, Stefano; Giuliano, Marina
2013Maternal antiretroviral therapy for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Malawi: maternal and infant outcomes two years after deliveryGiuliano, Marina; Andreotti, Mauro; Liotta, Giuseppe; Jere, Haswell; Sagno, Jean-Baptiste; Maulidi, Martin; Mancinelli, Sandro; Buonomo, Ersilia; Scarcella, Paola; Pirillo, Maria Franca; Amici, Roberta; Ceffa, Susanna; Vella, Stefano; Palombi, Leonardo; Marazzi, Maria Cristina
2007Triple antiretroviral prophylaxis administered during pregnancy and after delivery significantly reduces breast milk viral load. A study within the drug resource enhancement programGiuliano, Marina; Guidotti, Giovanni; Andreotti, Mauro; Pirillo, Maria Franca; Villani, Paola; Liotta, Giuseppe; Marazzi, Maria Cristina; Mancini, Maria Grazia; Cusato, Maria; Germano, Paola; Loureiro, Sandra; Ceffa, Susanna; Regazzi, Mario; Vella, Stefano; Palombi, Leonardo
2008Tumor necrosis factor-a, interleukin 10, and a-defensins in plasma and breast milk of HIV-infected highly active antiretroviral therapy-treated and untreated pregnant women in MozambiqueBaroncelli, Silvia; Andreotti, Mauro; Guidotti, Giovanni; Pirillo, Maria Franca; Ceffa, Susanna; Mancini, Maria Grazia; Germano, Paola; Marazzi, Maria Cristina; Vella, Stefano; Palombi, Leonardo; Giuliano, Marina
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