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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008B cell immunopathology during HIV-1 infection: lessons to learn for HIV-1 vaccine designCagigi, Alberto; Nilsson, Anna; De Milito, Angelo; Chiodi, Francesca
2007FasL and TRAIL induce epidermal apoptosis and skin ulceration upon exposure to leishmania majorEidsmo, Liv; Fluur, Caroline; Rethi, Bence; Eriksson Ygberg, Sofia; Ruffin, Nicolas; De Milito, Angelo; Akuffo, Hannah; Chiodi, Francesca
2008Immunity against HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis during co-infection with neglected infectious diseases: recommendations for the European Union research prioritiesBoraschi, Diana; Abebe Alemayehu, Markos; Aseffa, Abraham; Chiodi, Francesca; Chisi, John; Del Prete, Gianfranco; Doherty, T Mark; Elhassan, Ibrahim; Engers, Howard; Gyan, Ben; Harandi, Ali M; Kariuki, Thomas; Kironde, Fred; Kouriba, Bourema; Langhorne, Jean; Laskay, Tamas; Medaglini, Donata; Olesen, Ole; Onyebujoh, Philip; Palma, Carla; Sauerwein, Robert; Sibanda, Elopy; Steinhoff, Ulrich; Tagliabue, Aldo; Thiel, Andreas; Vahedi, Mahnaz; Troye-Blomberg, Marita
2007Potential role for IL-7 in fas-mediated T cell apoptosis during HIV infectionFluur, Caroline; De Milito, Angelo; Fry, Terry J; Vivar, Nancy; Eidsmo, Liv; Atlas, Ann; Federici, Cristina; Matarrese, Paola; Logozzi, Mariantonia; Rajnavolgyi, Eva; Mackall, Crystal L; Fais, Stefano; Chiodi, Francesca; Rethi, Bence
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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