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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994b->s? and b->sg: a theoretical reappraisalCiuchini, Marco; Franco, Enrico; Martinelli, Gian Nicola; Reina, Laura; Silvestrini, Laura
1994B-tagging using shape variables in the hadronic decays of the Z0DELPHI collaboration; Branchini, Paolo; Ciuchini, Marco; Cosmo, Italo; Daurù, U.; De Angelis, Alessandro; Del Giudice, Paolo; Lyons, L.; Saccavini, A.; Stringhetta, F.
1992B-tagging with neural networks: an alternative use of single particle information for discriminating jet eventsBranchini, Paolo; Ciuchini, Marco; Del Giudice, Paolo
1992Classification of the hadronic decays of the Z0 into b and c quark pairs using a neural networkDELPHI collaboration; Baroncelli, A; Bosio, C; Branchini, Paolo; Ciuchini, Marco; Del Giudice, Paolo; Graziani, E; Passeri, A; Spiriti, Eleuterio; Stanescu, C; Tortora, L; Vrba, V
1994The Lamba S = 1 effective hamiltonian including next-leading order QCD and QED correctionsCiuchini, Marco; Franco, Enrico; Martinelli, Giuseppe; Reina, Laura
1994Leading-order QCD corrections to b-sy and b-sg decays in three regulation schemesCiuchini, Marco; Franco, Enrico; Reina, Laura; Silvestrini, Laura
1993Neural networks for physics analysis in delphiDe Angelis, Alessandro; Ciuchini, Marco; Del Giudice, Paolo
1994Quark masses from lattice QCD at the next-to-leading orderAllton, Chris R; Ciuchini, Marco; Crisafulli, M; Franco, Enrico; Lubicz, Vittorio; Martinelli, Gian Nicola
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8


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