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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Absorbable vs non-absorbable antibiotics in the treatment of small intestine bacterial overgrowth in patients with blind-loop syndromeDi Stefano M; Miceli E; Missanelli A; Mazzocchi S; Corazza GR
2006Altered expression, localization, and phosphorylation of epithelial junctional proteins in celiac diseaseCiccocioppo R; Finamore A; Ara C; Di Sabatino A; Mengheri E; Corazza GR
2005Bones in coeliac disease: diagnosis and treatmentCorazza GR; Di Stefano M; Maurino E; Bai JC
2007Bortezomib-induced paralytic ileus is a potential gastrointestinal side effect of this first-in- class anticancer proteasome inhibitorPerfetti V; Palladini G; Brunetti L; Sgarella A; Brugnatelli S; Gobbi PG; Corazza GR
2004Clinical implications of enteric and central D2 receptor blockade by antidopaminergic gastrointestinal prokineticsTonini M; Cipollina L; Poluzzi E; Crema F; Corazza GR; De Ponti F
2005Coeliac diseaseCorazza GR; Villanacci V
2007Comparison of the interobserver reproducibility with different histologic criteria used in celiac diseaseCorazza GR; Villanacci V; Zambelli C; Milione M; Luinetti O; Vindigni C; Chioda C; Albarello L; Bartolini D; Donato F
2004Defective mucosal T cell death is sustainably reverted by infliximab in a caspase dependent pathway in Crohn's diseaseDi Sabatino A; Ciccocioppo R; Cinque B; Millimaggi D; Morera R; Ricevuti L; Cifone MG; Corazza GR
2005Depletion of immunoglobulin M memory B cells is associated with splenic hypofunction in inflammatory bowel diseaseDi Sabatino A; Rosado MM; Ciccocioppo R; Cavalloro P; Morera R; Corazza GR; Carsetti R
2005Differential modulation of p38 mitogen activated protein kinase and STAT3 signalling pathways by infliximab and etanercept in intestinal T cells from patients with Crohn's disease - ReplyDi Sabatino A; Ciccocioppo R; Morera R; Corazza GR
2004Does the addition of methane determinations increase the yield of hydrogen breath tests for sugar malabsorption? - Response to DrMishkinDi Stefano M; Miceli E; Missanelli A; Corazza GR
2004Doppler sonography in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel diseaseDi Sabatino A; Armellini E; Corazza GR
2007The Effect of Oral alpha-Galactosidase on Intestinal Gas Production and Gas-Related SymptomsDi Stefano M; Miceli E; Gotti S; Missanelli A; Mazzocchi S; Corazza GR
2007Effect of tegaserod on recto-sigmoid tonic and phasic activity in constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndromeDi Stefano M; Miceli E; Mazzocchi S; Tana P; Missanelli A; Corazza GR
2004Enterocyte actin autoantibody detection: A new diagnostic tool in Celiac disease diagnosis: Results of a multicenter studyClemente MG; Musu MP; Troncone R; Volta U; Congia M; Ciacci C; Neri E; Not T; Maggiore G; Strisciuglio P; Corazza GR; Gasbarrini G; Cicotto L; Sole G; Fasano A; De Virgiliis S
2007Epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer: results and open issuesDanova M; Corazza GR; Bencardino K; Manzoni M; Delfanti S; Riccardi A
2006Epithelium derived interleukin 15 regulates intraepithelial lymphocyte Th1 cytokine production, cytotoxicity, and survival in coeliac diseaseDi Sabatino A; Ciccocioppo R; Cupelli F; Cinque B; Millimaggi D; Clarkson MM; Paulli M; Cifone MG; Corazza GR
2007Evidence for the role of interferon-alfa production by dendritic cells in the Th1 response in celiac diseaseLeakey NA; Croft NM; Troncone R; Corazza GR; Stagg AJ; Monteleone G; Macdonald TT; Di Sabatino A; Pickard KM; Gordon JN; Salvati V; Mazzarella G; Beattie RM; Vossenkaemper A; Rovedatti L
2004Fermentation of endogenous substrates is responsible for increased fasting breath hydrogen levels in celiac diseaseDi Stefano M; Miceli E; Missanelli A; Malservisi S; Strocchi A; Corazza GR
2004Follow-up on Celiac disease and the communion waferBiagi F; Campanella J; Corazza GR
Showing results 1 to 20 of 54
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