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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Bcl-2 expression and p38MAPK activity in cells infected with influenza A virus. Impact on virally induced apoptosis and viral replicationNencioni, Lucia; De Chiara, Giovanna; Sgarbanti, Rossella; Amatore, Donatella; Aquilano, Katia; Marcocci, Maria Elena; Serafino, Annalucia; Torcia, Maria Gabriella; Cozzolino, Federico; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Garaci, Enrico; Palamara, Anna Teresa
2006BCL-2 phosphorylation by P38 MAPK: identification of target sites and biological consequencesDe Chiara, Giovanna; Marcocci, Maria Elena; Torcia, Maria Gabriella; Lucibello, Maria; Rosini, Paolo; Bonini, Paolo; Higashimoto, Yukiro; Damonte, Gianluca; Armirotti, Andrea; Amodei, Sarah; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Russo, Tommaso; Garaci, Enrico; Cozzolino, Federico
2005DNA repair in post-mitotic neurons: a gene trapping strategyMerlo, Daniela; Di Stasi, Anna Maria Michela; Bonini, Paolo; Mollinari, Cristiana; Cardinale, Alessio; Cozzolino, Federico; Wisden, William; Garaci, Enrico
2008Functional deficit of T regulatory cells in Fulani, an ethnic group with low susceptibility to Plasmodium falciparum malariaTorcia, Maria Gabriella; Santarlasci, V; Cosmi, Lorenzo; Clemente, Anna Maria; Maggi, L; Mangano, VD; Verra, Federica; Bancone, G; Nebie, I; Sirima, BS; Liotta, Francesco; Frosali, Francesca; Angeli, R; Severini, Carlo; Sannella, Anna Rosa; Bonini, Paolo; Lucibello, Maria; Maggi, Enrico; Garaci, Enrico; Coluzzi, Mario; Cozzolino, Federico; Annunziato, Francesco; Romagnani, Sergio; Modiano, D
2009I geni microRNA nel mielomaCozzolino, Federico
2003Influenza A virus replication is dependent on an antioxidant pathway that involves GSH and Bcl-2Nencioni, Lucia; Iuvara, Alessandra; Aquilano, Katia; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Cozzolino, Federico; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Garaci, Enrico; Palamara, Anna Teresa
2005Inhibition of influenza A virus replication by resveratrolPalamara, Anna Teresa; Nencioni, Lucia; Aquilano, Katia; De Chiara, Giovanna; Hernandez, L; Cozzolino, Federico; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Garaci, Enrico
1999Interferon-alpha-induced inhibition of B16 melanoma cell proliferation: interference with the bFGF autocrine growth circuitTorcia, Maria Gabriella; Lucibello, Maria; De Chiara, Giovanna; Labardi, Danilo; Nencioni, Lucia; Bonini, Paolo; Garaci, Enrico; Cozzolino, Federico
2012Low molecular weight, non peptidic agonist of TrkA receptor with NGF-mimetic activityScarpi, Dina; Cirelli, Domenico; Matrone, Carmela; Castronovo, Giuseppe; Rosini, Paolo; Occhiato, E G; Romano, F; Bartali, L; Clemente, Anna Maria; Bottegoni, G; Cavalli, A; De Chiara, Giovanna; Bonini, Paolo; Calissano, Pietro; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Garaci, Enrico; Torcia, Maria Gabriella; Guarna, Antonio; Cozzolino, Federico
2009MiR genes in myelomaCozzolino, Federico
2013Modulation of the immune-inflammatory responses by Plasmodium falciparum schizont extracts: role of myeloid dendritic cells in effector and regulatory functions of CD4+ lymphocytesClemente, Anna Maria; Fadigati, Giulia; Caporale, Roberto; Marchese, Damiano G; Castronovo, Giuseppe; Sannella, Anna Rosa; Severini, Carlo; Verra, Federica; Garaci, Enrico; Cozzolino, Federico; Torcia, Maria Gabriella
2004Nerve growth factor-dependent survival of CESS B cell line is mediated by increased expression and decreased degradation of MAPK phosphatase 1Rosini, Paolo; De Chiara, Giovanna; Bonini, Paolo; Lucibello, Maria; Marcocci, Maria Elena; Garaci, Enrico; Cozzolino, Federico; Torcia, Maria Gabriella
2001Nerve growth factor inhibits apoptosis in memory B lymphocytes via inactivation of p38 MAPK, prevention of Bcl-2 phosphorylation, and cytochrome c releaseTorcia, Maria Gabriella; Nencioni, Lucia; Ammendola, Serena; Lombardi, Danilo; Lucibello, Maria; Rosini, Paolo; Marlier, Lionel NJL; Bonini, Paolo; Dello Sbarba, Persio; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Zambrano, Nicola; Russo, Tommaso; Garaci, Enrico; Cozzolino, Federico
1996Nerve growth factor is an autocrine survival factor for memory B lymphocytesTorcia, Maria Gabriella; Bracci Laudiero, Luisa; Lucibello, Maria; Nencioni, Lucia; Labardi, Danilo; Rubartelli, Anna; Cozzolino, Federico; Aloe, Luigi; Garaci, Enrico
2000NGF withdrawal induces apoptosis in CESS B cell line through p38 MAPK activation and Bcl-2 phosphorylationRosini, Paolo; Lucibello, Maria; Garaci, Enrico; Cozzolino, Federico; Torcia, Maria Gabriella
2011Plasmodium falciparum soluble extracts potentiate the suppressive function of polyclonal T regulatory cells through activation of TGFß-mediated signalsClemente, Anna Maria; Caporale, Roberto; Sannella, Anna Rosa; Majori, Giancarlo; Severini, Carlo; Fadigati, Giulia; Cirelli, Domenico; Bonini, Paolo; Garaci, Enrico; Cozzolino, Federico; Torcia, Maria Gabriella
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