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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994B-tagging using shape variables in the hadronic decays of the Z0DELPHI collaboration; Branchini, Paolo; Ciuchini, Marco; Cosmo, Italo; Daurù, U.; De Angelis, Alessandro; Del Giudice, Paolo; Lyons, L.; Saccavini, A.; Stringhetta, F.
1993B production in Z decaysDELPHI collaboration
1992Bose-Einstein correlations in the hadronic decays of the Z0DELPHI collaboration
1994Charged kaon production in tau decays at LEPDELPHI collaboration
1992Charged particle multiplicity distributions for fixed number of jets in Z0 hadronic decaysDELPHI collaboration
1996Charged particle multiplicity in e+e- interactions at vs=130 GeVDELPHI collaboration
1992Classification of the hadronic decays of the Z0 into b and c quark pairs using a neural networkDELPHI collaboration; Baroncelli, A; Bosio, C; Branchini, Paolo; Ciuchini, Marco; Del Giudice, Paolo; Graziani, E; Passeri, A; Spiriti, Eleuterio; Stanescu, C; Tortora, L; Vrba, V
1992Determination of alpha s in second order QCD from hadronic Z decaysDELPHI collaboration
1993Determination of alphas for b quarks at the Z0 resonanceDELPHI collaboration
1993Determination of alphas from the scaling violation in the fragmentation functions in e+e- annihilationDELPHI collaboration
1993Determination of alphas using the next-to-leading-log approximation of QCDDELPHI collaboration
1996Determination of the average lifetime of b-baronsDELPHI collaboration
1996Energy dependence of the differences between the quark and gluon jet fragmentationDELPHI collaboration
1992Evidence for B0s meson production in Z0 decaysDELPHI collaboration
1993First evidence of hard scattering processes in single tagged gamma gamma collisionsDELPHI collaboration
1996First measurement of f12(1525) production in Z0 hadronic decaysDELPHI collaboration
1993First measurement of the strange quark asymmetry at the Z0 peakDELPHI collaboration
1996First study of the interference between initial and final state radiation at the Z resonanceDELPHI collaboration
1994Improved measurements of cross sections and asymmetries at the Z0 resonanceDELPHI collaboration
1993Inclusive measurements of the K± and p/p production in hadronic Z° decaysDELPHI collaboration
Showing results 1 to 20 of 85
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