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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A case of bilateral breast cancer and Graves' diseaseBenedetti M; Tinozzi FP; Albertario S; Bianchi C; Niebel T; Vailati A; Danova M; Tinozzi S
2004A case of bilateral breast cancer and Graves DiseaseBenedetti M; Tinozzi F; Albertario s; Bianchi C; Niebel T; Vailati A; Danova M; Tinozzi S
2006Cisplatin and gemcitabine with either vinorelbine or paclitaxel in the treatment of carcinomas of unknown primary site : results of an Italian multicenter, randomized, phase II studyPalmeri S; Lorusso V; Palmeri L; Vaglica M; Porta C; Nortilli R; Ferrau F; Comella G; Massidda B; Danova M
2006Cord blood in vitro expanded CD41 cells: identification of novel components of megakaryocytopoiesisBalduini A; D'APolito M; Arcelli D; Conti V; Pecci A; Pietra D; Danova M; Benvenuto F; Perotti C; Zelante L; Volinia S; Balduini CL; Savoia A
2005Dendritic cells and vascular endothelial growth factor in colorectal cancer: Correlations with clinicobiological findingsDella Porta M; Danova M; Rigolin GM; Brugnatelli S; Rovati B; Tronconi C; Fraulini C; Rossi AR; Riccardi A; Castoldi G
2004Docetaxel carboplatin and concomitant radiotherapy for unresectable squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck - Pharmacokinetic and clinical data of a phase I-II studyAiroldi M; Cattel L; Cortesina G; Giordano C; Pedani F; Recalenda V; Danova M; Gabriele AM; Tagini V; Porta C; Bumma C
2007Epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer: results and open issuesDanova M; Corazza GR; Bencardino K; Manzoni M; Delfanti S; Riccardi A
2005Flow cytometric analysis of circulating dendritic cell subsets and intracellular cytokine production in advanced breast cancer patientsFerrari S; Malugani F; Rovati B; Porta C; Riccardi A; Danova M
2004Gemcitabine and oxaliplatin in the treatment of patients with immunotherapy-resistant advanced renal cell carcinoma - Final results of a single-institution phase II studyPorta C; Zimatore M; Imarisio I; Natalizi A; Sartore Bianchi A; Danova M; Riccardi A
2004Impaired bone marrow hematopoietic progenitor cell function in rheumatoid arthritis patients candidated to autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantationPorta C; Caporali R; Epis O; Ramaioli I; Invernizzi R; Rovati B; Comolli G; Danova M; Montecucco C
2007In vivo biological effects of pegfilgrastim after myelosuppressive chemotherapy in breast cancerDanova M; Bencardino K; Manzoni M; Grasso D; Mariucci S; Rovati B
2005Meningeal carcinomatosis in cancer patientsDanova M; Invernizzi R
2007New agents in medical oncology and the risk of venous thromboembolismManzoni M; Bencardino K; Piovella F; Chatzileontiadou S; Delfanti S; Riccardi A; Danova M; Corazza GR
2005Objective response to chemotherapy as a potential surrogate end point of survival in metastatic breast cancer patientsBruzzi P; Del Mastro L; Sormani MP; Bastholt L; Danova M; Focan C; Fountzilas G; Paul J; Rosso R; Venturini M
2005Pro-neoangiogenic cytokines (VEGF and bFGF) and anemia in solid tumor patientsPorta C; Imarisio I; De Amici M; Bonomi L; Paglino C; Biscaldi E; Zimatore M; Sartore Bianchi A; Danova M; Moratti R; Riccardi A
2007Reduced number and function of peripheral dendritic cells in coeliac diseaseCiccocioppo R; Ricci G; Rovati B; Pesce I; Mazzocchi S; Piancatelli D; Cagnoni A; Millimaggi D; Danova M; Corazza Gr
2007Renal cell carcinoma-induced immunosuppression: An immunophenotypic study of lymphocyte subpopulations and circulating dendritic cellsPorta C; Bonomi L; Lillaz B; Paglino C; Rovati B; Imarisio I; Morbini P; Villa C; Danova M; Mensi M; Rovereto B
2006Sigmoid colon metastasis from sarcomatoid renal cell carcinomaInvernizzi R; Bencardino K; Porta C; Vercelli A; Viglio A; Manzoni M; Sagrada P; Danova M
2006Unusual manifestations of disseminated neoplasia at presentation: Right-sided heart failure due to a massive cardiac metastasis and autoimmune thrombocytopenia in pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma of the adultSemino A; Danova M; Perlini S; Palladini G; Riccardi A; Perfetti V
2005Use of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor: A survey among Italian medical oncologistsDanova M; Rosti G; De Placido S; Bencardino K; Venturini M
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