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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008High-resolution molecular epidemiology and evolutionary history of HIV-1 subtypes in AlbaniaSalemi, Marco; De Oliveira, Tulio; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Rezza, Giovanni; Goodenow, Maureen M
2006HIV-1 and HCV sequences from Lybian outbreakBenghazi Study Group; De Oliveira, Tulio; Pybus, Oliver G; Rambaut, Andrew; Salemi, Marco; Cassol, Sharon; Ciccozzi, Massimo; Rezza, Giovanni; Castelli Gattinara, Guido; D'Arrigo, Roberta; Amicosante, Massimo; Perrin, Luc; Colizzi, Vittorio; Perno, Carlo Federico
2008The HIV type 1 epidemic in Bulgaria involves multiple subtypes and is sustained by continuous viral inflow from west and east European countriesSalemi, Marco; Goodenow, Maureen M; Montieri, Stefania; De Oliveira, Tulio; Santoro, Maria Mercedes; Beshkov, Danail; Alexiev, Ivailo; Elenkov, Ivailo; Elenkov, Ivan; Yakimova, Tsvetana; Varleva, Tonka; Rezza, Giovanni; Ciccozzi, Massimo
2005Study of SHIV-243 Tat and env genes variability following vaccination of cynomolgus monkeys with the Tat proteinRidolfi, Barbara; De Oliveira, Tulio; Maggiorella, Maria Teresa; Sernicola, Leonardo; Fulgenzi, Domenico; Buttò, Stefano; Borsetti, Alessandra; Ensoli, Barbara
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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