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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-374T/A polymorphism of the RAGE gene promoter in relation to severity of coronary atherosclerosisFalcone C; Campo I; Emanuele E; Buzzi MP; Geroldi D; Belvito C; Zorzetto M; Sbarsi I; Cuccia M
2007The -374T/A variant of the rage gene promoter is associated with clinical restenosis after coronary stent placementFalcone C; Emanuele E; Buzzi Mp; Ballerini L; Repetto A; Canosi U; Mazzucchelli I; Schirinzi S; Sbarsi I; Boiocchi C; Cuccia M
2005Analysis of the apolipoprotein(a) size polymorphism in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusPeros E; Geroldi D; Bugatti S; Caporali R; Rossi P; Montecucco C; D'Angelo A; Emanuele E
2005Apo (a) size in ischemic stroke Relation with subtype and severity on hospital admissionZambrelli E; Emanuele E; Marcheselli S; Montagna L; Geroldi D; Micieli G
2005The apolipoprotein(a) component of lipoprotein(a) mediates binding to laminin: contribution to selective retention of lipoprotein(a) in atherosclerotic lesionsD'Angelo A; Geroldi D; Hancock MA; Valtulina V; Cornaglia AI; Spencer CA; Emanuele E; Calligaro A; Koschinsky ML; Speziale P; Visai L
2004Apolipoprotein(a) null phenotype is related to a delayed age at onset of Alzheimer's diseaseEmanuele E; Peros E; Tomaino C; Feudatari E; Bernardi L; Binetti G; Maletta R; D'Angelo A; Montagna L; Bruni AC; Geroldi D
2004Apolipoprotein(a) phenotypes are reliable biomarkers for familial aggregation of coronary heart diseasePeros E; Geroldi D; D'Angelo A; Falcone C; Montagna L; Carabela M; Emanuele E
2004Apolipoprotein(a) size polymorphism is associated with coronary heart disease in polygeniz hypercholesterolemiaEmanuele E; Peros E; Minoretti P; D'Angelo A; Piccinni MN; Montagna L; Geroldi D
2006Association of plasma eotaxin levels with the presence and extent of angiographic coronary artery diseaseEmanuele E; Falcone C; D'Angelo A; Minoretti P; Buzzi MP; Bertona M; Geroldi D
2005Circulating levels of soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products in Alzheimer disease and vascular dementiaEmanuele E; D'Angelo A; Tomaino C; Binetti G; Ghidoni R; Politi P; Bernardi L; Maletta R; Bruni AC; Geroldi D
2005Decreased plasma levels of soluble receptor for advanced glycation end-products in patients with essential hypertensionGeroldi D; Falcone C; Emanuele E; D'Angelo A; Calcagnino M; Buzzi MP; Scioli GA; Fogari R
2006Elevated plasma levels of lipoprotein(a) in psychiatric patients: a possible contribution to increased vascular riskEmanuele E; Carlin MV; D'Angelo A; Peros E; Barale F; Geroldi D; Politi P
2007Getting old with a new heart: Impact of age on depression and quality of life in long-term heart transplant recipientsMarTinelli V; Fusar Poli P; Emanuele E; Klersy C; Campana C; Barale F; Viganò M; Politi P
2005Increased plasma aldosterone in patients with clinical depressionEmanuele E; Geroldi D; Minoretti P; Coen E; Politi P
2004Lipoprotein(a)-associated atherothrombotic risk in hemodialysis patientsEmanuele E; Lusignani LS; Peros E; Montagna G; D'Angelo A; Montagna L; Geroldi D
2006Markers of eosinophilic inflammation and risk prediction in patients with coronary artery diseaseFalcone C; Minoretti P; D'Angelo A; Buzzi MP; Coen E; Emanuele E; Aldeghi A; Olivieri V; Geroldi D
2006A novel Val734Ile variant in the ABCC9 gene associated with myocardial infarctionMinoretti P; Falcone C; Aldeghi A; Olivieri V; Mori F; Emanuele E; Calcagnino M; Geroldi D
2005Plasma levels of soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products and coronary artery disease in nondiabetic menFalcone C; Emanuele E; D'Angelo A; Buzzi MP; Belvito C; Cuccia M; Geroldi D
2004Plasma osteoprotegerin as a biochemical marker for vascular dementia and Alzheimer's diseaseEmanuele E; Peros E; Scioli GA; D'Angelo A; Olivieri C; Montagna L; Geroldi D
2006Prognostic significance of plasma osteopontin levels in patients with chronic stable anginaMinoretti P; Falcone C; Calcagnino M; Emanuele E; Buzzi MP; Coen E; Geroldi D
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