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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Accidental and deliberate microbiological contamination in the feed and food chains - How biotraceability can improve response to bioterrorismKnutsson, Rickard; Van Rotterdam, Bart J; Fach, Patrick; De Medici, Dario; Fricker, Martina; Löfström, Charlotta; Agren, Joakim; Segerman, Bo; Gunnar, Andersson; Wielinga, Peter R; Fenicia, Lucia; Skiby, Jeffrey Edward; Schultz, Anna Charlotte; Ehling Shultz, Monika
2011Bioinformatic tools for using whole genome sequencing as a rapid high resolution diagnostic typing tool when tracing bioterror organisms in the food and feed chainSegerman, Bo; De Medici, Dario; Ehling Shultz, Monika; Fach, Patrick; Fenicia, Lucia; Fricker, Martina; Wielinga, Peter R; Van Rotterdam, Bart J; Knutsson, Rickard
2011Collaborative validation of a rapid method for efficient virus concentration in bottled water Schultz, Anna Charlotte; Perelle, Sylvie; Di Pasquale, Simona; Kovac, Katarina; De Medici, Dario; Fach, Patrick; Molgaard, Sommer Helle; Hoorfar, Jeffrey
2004Diagnostic PCR: making internal amplification control mandatoryHoorfar, Jeffrey; Cook, Nigel; Malorny, Burkhard; Wagner, Martin; De Medici, Dario; Abdulmawjood, Amir; Fach, Patrick
2010From biotracer to AniBioThreat: two research projects to improve the European laboratory bio-preparedness to accidental and deliberate contamination by BoNT-producing Clostridia in feed and food chainDe Medici, Dario; Fenicia, Lucia; Fach, Patrick; Anniballi, Fabrizio; Van Rotterdam, Bart J; Auricchio, Bruna; Segerman, Bo; Wielinga, Peter R; Woudstra, Cédrick; Agren, Joakim; Knutsson, Rickard
2008Improvement of the European laboratory bio-preparedness for the detection of BoNT-producing Clostridia in the feed and food chainDe Medici, Dario; Fach, Patrick; Van Rotterdam, Bart J; Fenicia, Lucia; Wielinga, Peter R; Segerman, Bo; Anniballi, Fabrizio; Perelle, Sylvie; Delibato, Elisabetta; Hoorfar, Jeffrey; Knutsson, Rickard
2011An innovative molecular detection tool for tracking and tracing Clostridium botulinum types A, B, E, F and other botulinum neurotoxin producing Clostridia based on the GeneDisc cyclerFach, Patrick; Fenicia, Lucia; Knutsson, Rickard; Wielinga, Peter R; Anniballi, Fabrizio; Delibato, Elisabetta; Auricchio, Bruna; Woudstra, Cédrick; Agren, Joakim; Segerman, Bo; De Medici, Dario; Van Rotterdam, Bart J
2003Making internal amplification control mandatory for diagnostic PCRHoorfar, Jeffrey; Cook, Nigel; Malorny, Burkhard; Wagner, Martin; De Medici, Dario; Abdulmawjood, Amir; Fach, Patrick
2004Multicenter validation of PCR-based method for detection of Salmonella in chicken and pig samplesMalorny, Burkhard; Cook, Nigel; D'Agostino, Martin; De Medici, Dario; Croci, Luciana; Abdulmawjood, Amir; Fach, Patrick; Karpiskova, Renata; Aymerich, Teresa; Kwaitek, Krysztof; Kuchta, Thomas; Hoorfar, Jeffrey
2012Neurotoxin gene profiling of Clostridium botulinum types C and D gathered from different countries within EuropeWoudstra, Cédrick; Skarin, Hanna; Anniballi, Fabrizio; Fenicia, Lucia; Bano, Luca; Drigo, Ilenia; Koene, Miriam; Bäyon-Auboyer, Marie Hélène; Buffereau, Jean Philippe; De Medici, Dario; Fach, Patrick
2011Towards an international standard for detection and typing botulinum neurotoxin-producing Clostridia type A, B, E and F in food, feed and environmental samples: a European ring trial study to evaluate a real-time PCR assayFenicia, Lucia; Fach, Patrick; Van Rotterdam, Bart J; Anniballi, Fabrizio; Segerman, Bo; Auricchio, Bruna; Delibato, Elisabetta; Hamidjaja, A Raditijo; Wielinga, Peter R; Woudstra, Cédrick; Agren, Joakim; De Medici, Dario; Knutsson, Rickard
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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