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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20001. International workshop. Human/scid mouse models. Abstract bookProietti, Enrico; Fais, Stefano; Belardelli, Filippo
2001Activation of Rho GTPases by cytotoxic necrotizing factor 1 induces macropinocytosis and scavenging activity in epithelial cellsFiorentini, Carla; Falzano, Loredana; Fabbri, Alessia; Stringaro, Annarita; Logozzi, Mariantonia; Travaglione, Sara; Contamin, Stephanette; Arancia, Giuseppe; Malorni, Walter; Fais, Stefano
1999The "added value" of using hu-scid mouse models for studies on the pathogenesis, therapy and prophylaxis of HIV-1 infection"Lapenta, Caterina; Santini, Stefano Maria; Parlato, Stefania; Logozzi, Mariantonia; Spada, Massimo; Rizza, Paola; Fais, Stefano; Proietti, Enrico; Belardelli, Filippo
2003Adoptive transfer of an anti-mart1 27-35-specific CD8+ T cell clone leads to immunoselection of human melanoma antigen-loss variants in SCID miceLozupone, Francesco; Rivoltini, Licia; Luciani, Francesca; Venditti, Massimo; Lugini, Luana; Cova, Agata; Squarcina, Paola; Parmiani, Giorgio; Belardelli, Filippo; Fais, Stefano
1997The biological relevance of polykaryons in the immune response Fais, Stefano; Burgio, Vito Lelio; Capobianchi, Maria Rosaria; Gessani, Sandra; Pallone, Francesco; Belardelli, Filippo
2006Cannibalism of live lymphocytes by human metastatic but not primary melanoma cellsLugini, Luana; Matarrese, Paola; Tinari, Antonella; Lozupone, Francesco; Federici, Cristina; Iessi, Elisabetta; Gentile, Massimo; Luciani, Francesca; Parmiani, Giorgio; Rivoltini, Licia; Malorni, Walter; Fais, Stefano
2007Cannibalism: a way to feed off metastatic tumorsFais, Stefano
2000CD95 (APO-1/Fas) linkage to the actin cytoskeleton through ezrin in human T lymphocytes: a novel regulatory mechanism of the CD95 apoptotic pathwayParlato, Stefania; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Logozzi, Mariantonia; Lozupone, Francesco; Matarrese, Paola; Luciani, Francesca; Falchi, Mario; Malorni, Walter; Fais, Stefano
2004CD95/phosphorylated ezrin association underlies HIV-1 GP120/IL-2 induced susceptibility to CD95(APO-1/Fas)-mediated apoptosis of human resting CD4+T-lymphocytesLuciani, Francesca; Matarrese, Paola; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Lugini, Luana; Lozupone, Francesco; Federici, Cristina; Iessi, Elisabetta; Malorni, Walter; Fais, Stefano
2002Chimeric models of SCID mice transplanted with human cells: the Hu-PBL-SCID mouse and its use in AIDS researchSantini, Stefano Maria; Lapenta, Caterina; Logozzi, Mariantonia; Parlato, Stefania; Spada, Massimo; Di Pucchio, Tiziana; Fais, Stefano; Belardelli, Filippo
2002Differential expression and distribution of ezrin, radixin and moesin in human natural killer cellsRamoni, Carlo; Luciani, Francesca; Spadaro, Francesca; Lugini, Luana; Lozupone, Francesco; Fais, Stefano
2004Effect of human natural killer and gammadelta T cells on the growth of human autologous melanoma xenografts in SCID miceLozupone, Francesco; Pende, Daniela; Burgio, Vito Lelio; Castelli, Chiara; Spada, Massimo; Venditti, Massimo; Luciani, Francesca; Lugini, Luana; Federici, Cristina; Ramoni, Carlo; Rivoltini, Licia; Parmiani, Giorgio; Belardelli, Filippo; Rivera, Paola; Marcenaro, Stefania; Moretta, Lorenzo; Fais, Stefano
2004Effect of proton pump inhibitor pretreatment on resistance of solid tumors to cytotoxic drugsLuciani, Francesca; Spada, Massimo; De Milito, Angelo; Molinari, Agnese; Rivoltini, Licia; Montinaro, Annalisa; Marra, Manuela; Lugini, Luana; Logozzi, Mariantonia; Lozupone, Francesco; Federici, Cristina; Iessi, Elisabetta; Parmiani, Giorgio; Arancia, Giuseppe; Belardelli, Filippo; Fais, Stefano
2002Epithelial cells and expression of the phagocytic marker CD68: scavenging of apoptotic bodies following Rho activationTravaglione, Sara; Falzano, Loredana; Fabbri, Alessia; Stringaro, Annarita; Fais, Stefano; Fiorentini, Carla
2005Escape strategies and reasons for failure in the interaction between tumour cells and the immune system: how can we tilt the balance towards immune-mediated cancer control?Rivoltini, Licia; Canese, Paola; Huber, Veronica; Iero, Manuela; Pilla, Lorenzo; Valenti, Roberta; Fais, Stefano; Lozupone, Francesco; Casati, Chiara; Castelli, Chiara; Parmiani, Giorgio
2001Expression of CCR-7, MIP-3beta, and Th-1 chemokines in type I IFN-induced monocyte-derived dendritic cells: importance for the rapid acquisition of potent migratory and functional activitiesParlato, Stefania; Santini, Stefano Maria; Lapenta, Caterina; Di Pucchio, Tiziana; Logozzi, Mariantonia; Spada, Massimo; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Malorni, Walter; Fais, Stefano; Belardelli, Filippo
2001First international workshop on human/SCID mouse modelsRizza, Paola; Fais, Stefano; Pini, Carlo; Proietti, Enrico; Belardelli, Filippo
2001GD3 glycosphingolipid contributes to Fas-mediated apoptosis via association with ezrin cytoskeletal proteinGiammarioli, Anna Maria; Garofalo, Tina; Sorice, Maurizio; Misasi, Roberta; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Gradini, Roberto; Fais, Stefano; Pavan, Antonio; Malorni, Walter
1992Gliadin induced changes in the expression of MHC-class II antigens by human small intestinal epithelium. Organ culture studies with coeliac disease mucosaFais, Stefano; Maiuri, Luigi; Pallone, Francesco; De Vincenzi, Massimo; De Ritis, Giorgio; Troncone, Riccardo; Auricchio, Salvatore
2009High levels of exosomes expressing CD63 and caveolin-1 in plasma of melanoma patients Logozzi, Mariantonia; De Milito, Angelo; Lugini, Luana; Borghi, Martina; Calabrò, Luana; Spada, Massimo; Perdicchio, Maurizio; Marino, Maria Lucia; Federici, Cristina; Iessi, Elisabetta; Brambilla, Daria; Venturi, Giulietta; Lozupone, Francesco; Santinami, Mario; Huber, Veronica; Maio, Michele; Rivoltini, Licia; Fais, Stefano
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