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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Apple extracts and no homeostatis. Evidence that apple polyphenols increase no release from human acidified salivaMinetti, Maurizio; Peri, Laura; Pietraforte, Donatella; Fogliano, Vincenzo
2005Apples increase nitric oxide production by human saliva at the acidic pH of the stomach. A new biological function for polyphenols with a catechol group?Peri, Laura; Pietraforte, Donatella; Scorza, Giuseppe; Napolitano, Aurora; Fogliano, Vincenzo; Minetti, Maurizio
2007Bioavailability, antioxidant and biological properties of the natural free-radical scavengers cyanidin and related glycosidesFelgines, Catherine; La Fauci, Luca; Vitaglione, Paola; Fogliano, Vincenzo; Vanella, Luca; Felgines, Catherine
2006Glycated fibroblast growth factor-2 is quickly produced in vitro upon low-millimolar glucose treatment and detected in vivo in diabetic miceFacchiano, Francesco; D'Arcangelo, Daniela; Russo, Katia; Fogliano, Vincenzo; Mennella, Carmela; Ragone, Raffaele; Zambruno, Giovanna; Carbone, Virginia; Ribatti, Domenico; Peschle, Cesare; Capogrossi Colognesi, Maurizio; Facchiano, Antonio
2011Polyphenols and human health: a prospectusVisioli, Francesco; Alarcón de la Lastra, Catalina; Andres-Lacueva, Cristina; Aviram, Michael; Calhau, Conceicao; Cassano, Alfredo; D'Archivio, Massimo; Faria, Ana; Favé, Gaelle; Fogliano, Vincenzo; Llorach, Rafael; Vitaglione, Paola; Zoratti, Mario; Edeas, Marvin
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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