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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Antisense myb inhibition of purified erythroid progenitors in development and differentiation is linked to cycling activity and expression of DNA polymerase alpha Valtieri, Mauro; Venturelli, Donatella; Carè, Alessandra; Fossati, Carolina; Pelosi, Elvira; Labbaye, Catherine; Mattia, Gianfranco; Gewirtz, Alan M; Calabretta, Bruno; Peschle, Cesare
1993C-kit ligand reactivates fetal hemoglobin synthesis in serum free culture of stringently purified normal adult burst-forming unit-erythroidPeschle, Cesare; Gabbianelli, Marco; Testa, Ugo; Pelosi, Elvira; Barberi, Tiziano; Fossati, Carolina; Valtieri, Mauro; Leone, Loredana
1993Cascade transactivation of growth factor receptors in early human hematopoiesisTesta, Ugo; Pelosi, Elvira; Gabbianelli, Marco; Fossati, Carolina; Campisi, Silvana; Isacchi, Giancarlo; Peschle, Cesare
1994Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying early hematopoiesisMontesoro, Elisabetta; Gabbianelli, Marco; Pelosi, Elvira; Bulgarini, Daniela; Labbaye, Catherine; Fossati, Carolina; Giampaolo, Adele; Valtieri, Mauro; Camagna, Antonio; Massa, Adriana; Testa, Ugo; Peschle, Cesare
2001Evaluation of immune activation in HIV-infected and uninfected African individuals by single-cell analysis of cytokine productionLukwiya, Matthew; Rizzardini, Giuliano; Trabattoni, Daria; Piconi, Stefania; Saresella, Marina; Declich, Silvia; Fossati, Carolina; Clerici, Mario
1996Expression of growth factor receptors in unilineage differentiation culture of purified hematopoietic progenitorsTesta, Ugo; Fossati, Carolina; Samoggia, Paola; Masciulli, Rosalba; Mariani, Gualtiero; Hassan, Hamisa Jane; Sposi, Nadia Maria; Guerriero, Raffaella; Rosato, V.; Gabbianelli, Marco; Pelosi, Elvira; Valtieri, Mauro; Peschle, Cesare
1990Interleukin-2-dependent long-term cultures of low-density lymphocytes allow the proliferation of lymphokine-activated killer cells with natural killer, Ti gamma/delta or TNK phenotype Testa, Ugo; Carè, Alessandra; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Fossati, Carolina; Giannella, Gianfranco; Masciulli, Rosalba; Fagioli, Marta; Bulgarini, Daniela; Habetswallner, D.; Isacchi, Giancarlo; Tassone, Annalisa
1990Molecular mechanisms underlying erythropoiesis: cycling activity of adult BFU-e relates to their requirement for c-myb function and potential for HbF synthesisValtieri, Mauro; Gabbianelli, Marco; Pelosi, Elvira; Testa, Ugo; Labbaye, Catherine; Mattia, Gianfranco; Fossati, Carolina; Venturelli, Donatella; Gewirtz, Alan M; Calabretta, Bruno; Peschle, Cesare
1993Stringently purified human hematopoietic progenitors/stem cells: analysis of cellular/molecular mechanisms underlying early hematopoiesisPeschle, Cesare; Testa, Ugo; Valtieri, Mauro; Gabbianelli, Marco; Pelosi, Elvira; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Sposi, Nadia Maria; Fossati, Carolina; Camagna, Antonio; Carè, Alessandra
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9


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