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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010ATR and ATM differently regulate WRN to prevent DSBs at stalled replication forks and promote replication fork recoveryAmmazzalorso, Francesca; Pirzio, Livia Maria; Bignami, Margherita; Franchitto, Annapaola; Pichierri, Pietro
2008Genotype/phenotype analysis of neurodegenerative and aging-prone syndromes caused by mutations in the DNA damage response/repair pathwayDelia, Domenico; Franchitto, Annapaola; Pichierri, Pietro; Bignami, Margherita; Chessa, Luciana
2001Hypersensitivity to camptothecin in MSH2 deficient cells is correlated with a role for MSH2 protein in recombinational repairPichierri, Pietro; Franchitto, Annapaola; Piergentili, Rita; Colussi, Claudia; Palitti, Fabrizio
2008The logic and regulation of cell cycle exit and reentryPajalunga, Deborah; Mazzola, Alessia; Franchitto, Annapaola; Puggioni, Eleonora; Crescenzi, Marco
2003The mammalian mismatch repair protein MSH2 is required for correct MRE11 and RAD51 relocalisation and for efficient cell cycle arrest induced by ionising radiation in G2-phaseFranchitto, Annapaola; Pichierri, Pietro; Piergentili, Rita; Crescenzi, Marco; Bignami, Margherita; Palitti, Fabrizio
2012Perturbed replication induced genome-wide or at common fragile sites is differently managed in the absence of WRNMurfuni, Ivana; De Santis, Anita; Federico, Maurizio; Bignami, Margherita; Pichierri, Pietro; Franchitto, Annapaola
2012The RAD9–RAD1–HUS1 (9.1.1) complex interacts with WRN and is crucial to regulate its response to replication fork stallingPichierri, Pietro; Nicolai, Sara; Cignolo, Luca; Bignami, Margherita; Franchitto, Annapaola
2008Replication fork stalling in WRN-deficient cells is overcome by prompt activation of a MUS81-dependent pathwayFranchitto, Annapaola; Pirzio, Livia Maria; Prosperi, Ennio; Sapora, Orazio; Bignami, Margherita; Pichierri, Pietro
2013Survival of the replication checkpoint deficient cells requires MUS81-RAD52 functionMurfuni, Ivana; Basile, Giorgia; Subramanyam, Shyamal; Malacaria, Eva; Bignami, Margherita; Spies, Maria; Franchitto, Annapaola; Pichierri, Pietro
2007Terminally differentiated muscle cells are defective in base excision DNA repair and hypersensitive to oxygen injuryNarciso, Laura; Fortini, Paola; Pajalunga, Deborah; Franchitto, Annapaola; Liu, Pingfang; Degan, Paolo; Frechet, Mathilde; Demple, Bruce; Crescenzi, Marco; Dogliotti, Eugenia
2011Understanding the molecular basis of common fragile sites instability: role of the proteins involved in the recovery of stalled replication forksPichierri, Pietro; Franchitto, Annapaola
2008Werner syndrome helicase activity is essential in maintaining fragile site stabilityPirzio, Livia Maria; Pichierri, Pietro; Bignami, Margherita; Franchitto, Annapaola
2004Werner Syndrome protein and the MRE11 complex are involved in a common pathway of replication fork recoveryFranchitto, Annapaola; Pichierri, Pietro
2011The Werner syndrome protein: linking the replication checkpoint response to genome stabilityPichierri, Pietro; Ammazzalorso, Francesca; Bignami, Margherita; Franchitto, Annapaola
2013The WRN and MUS81 proteins limit cell death and genome instability following oncogene activationMurfuni, Ivana; Nicolai, Sara; Baldari, Silvia; Crescenzi, Marco; Bignami, Margherita; Franchitto, Annapaola; Pichierri, Pietro
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