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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20011,2-Dimethylhydrazine-induced colon carcinoma and lymphoma in msh2(-/-) miceColussi, Claudia; Fiumicino, Silvia; Giuliani, Alessandro; Rosini, Sandra; Musiani, Piero; Macrì, Caterina; Potten, Christopher S.; Crescenzi, Marco; Bignami, Margherita
2005Aggregation propensity of proteins quantified by hydrophobicity patterns and net chargeZbilut, Joseph Peter; Mitchell, Julie H; Giuliani, Alessandro; Colosimo, Alfredo; Marwan, Norbert; Colafranceschi, Mauro; Webber, Charles L Jr
2010AIF and caspase-dependent apoptotic pathways triggered by different grape seed extracts (GSEs) on human colon cancer cell line Caco2Dinicola, Simona; Cucina, Alessandra; Pasqualato, Alessia; Proietti, Sara; D'Anselmi, Fabrizio; Pasqua, Gabriella; Santamaria, Anna Rita; Coluccia, Pierpaolo; Laganà, Aldo; Antonacci, Donato; Giuliani, Alessandro; Bizzarri, Mariano
2012Allosteric transitions of proteins studied by topological networks: a preliminary investigation on human hemoglobinCaruso, Lisa Beatrice; Giuliani, Alessandro; Colosimo, Alfredo
2010Alternatives to the carcinogenicity bioassay: in silico methods and the in vitro and in vivo mutagenicity assaysBenigni, Romualdo; Bossa, Cecilia; Tcheremenskaia, Olga; Giuliani, Alessandro
2008Analisi dei dati negli esperimenti di microarrayGiuliani, Alessandro
1993Analysis of distance matrices for studying data structures and separating classesBenigni, Romualdo; Giuliani, Alessandro
2005Analyzing spatial distributions of FMRI "bold" signals by RQA variablesBianciardi, Marta; Sirabella, Paolo; Hagberg, Gisela E; Giuliani, Alessandro; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Colosimo, Alfredo
2003Bioinformatica: nuovo termine o nuova scienza?Giuliani, Alessandro; Benigni, Romualdo
2010Biological laws: why so few?Dhar, Pawan K; Giuliani, Alessandro
1984Biological monitoring of workers in the rubber industry. II. UV-induced unscheduled DNA synthesis in the lymphocytes of vulcanizersBenigni, Romualdo; Calcagnile, Angelo; Fabri, G.; Giuliani, Alessandro; Leopardi, Paola; Paoletti, A
1993Biological systems for measuring mutagenicity and carcinogenicity, and average properties of active compoundsBenigni, Romualdo; Andreoli, Cristina; Cotta Ramusino, Marina; Giuliani, Alessandro
2008Biological uncertaintyZbilut, Joseph Peter; Giuliani, Alessandro
2001Breaking down the climate effects on cod recruitment by principal component analysis and canonical correlationSirabella, Paolo; Giuliani, Alessandro; Colosimo, Alfredo; Dippner, W. Joachim
2002Cancer incidence and socioeconomic geography of Finland: a correlation studyBenigni, Romualdo; Giuliani, Alessandro
2008Cell dynamics and the onset of collective behaviour in gene regulationGiuliani, Alessandro
2012Characterizing protein shape by a volume distribution asymmetry indexArrigo, Nicola; Paci, Paola; Di Paola, Luisa; Santoni, Daniele; De Ruvo, Micol; Giuliani, Alessandro; Castiglione, Filippo
2004Charge and hydrophobicity patterning along the sequence predicts the folding mechanism and aggregation of proteins: a computational approachZbilut, Joseph Peter; Giuliani, Alessandro; Colosimo, Alfredo; Mitchell, Julie H; Colafranceschi, Mauro; Marwan, Norbert; Webber, Charles L; Uversky, Vladimir N
2009Classification of prostatic diseases by means of multivariate analysis on in vivo proton MRSI and DCE-MRI dataValerio, Maria Cristina; Panebianco, Valeria; Sciarra, Alessandro; Osimani, Marcello; Salciccia, Stefano; Casciani, Lorena; Giuliani, Alessandro; Bizzarri, Mariano; Di Silverio, Franco; Passariello, Roberto; Conti, Filippo
2001Climate induced temperature effects on growth performance, fecundity and recruitment in marine fish: developing a hypothesis for cause and effect relationships in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and common eelpout (Zoarces viviparus)Portner, Allen; Berdal, B.; Blust, R.; Brix, Ole; Colosimo, Alfredo; De Wachter, B.; Giuliani, Alessandro; Johansen, Kari; Fischer, T.; Knust, R.; Lanning, G.; Naevdal, G.; Nedenes, A.; Nyhammer, G.; Sartoris, F. J.; Serendero, I.; Sirabella, Paolo; Thorkildsen, S.; Zakhartsev, M.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 184
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