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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Mammalian cells defective in DNA mismatch correctionBranch, Pauline; Aquilina, Gabriele; Hess, Patricia; Bignami, Margherita; Karran, Peter
2001Microsatellite instability is an independent indicator of recurrence in sporadic stage I-II endometrial adenocarcinomaFiumicino, Silvia; Ercoli, Alfredo; Ferrandina, Gabriella; Hess, Patricia; Raspaglio, Giuseppina; Genuardi, Maurizio; Rovella, Valentina; Bellacosa, Alfonso; Cicchillitti, Lucia; Mancuso, Salvatore; Bignami, Margherita; Scambia, Giovanni
1994A mismatch recognition defect in colon carcinoma confers DNA microsatellite instability and a mutator phenotypeAquilina, Gabriele; Hess, Patricia; Branch, Pauline; MacGeoch, Catriona; Casciano, Ida; Karran, Peter; Bignami, Margherita
1995A mutator phenotype characterizes one of two complementation groups in human cells tolerant to methylation damage Aquilina, Gabriele; Hess, Patricia; Fiumicino, Silvia; Ceccotti, Sabrina; Bignami, Margherita
1994Spontaneous mutations at aprt locus in a mammalian cell line defective in mismatch recognitionHess, Patricia; Aquilina, Gabriele; Dogliotti, Eugenia; Bignami, Margherita
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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