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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Antitumor activity of Bortezomib alone and in combination with trail in human acute myeloid leukemiaConticello, Concetta; Adamo, Luana; Vicari, Luisa; Giuffrida, Raffaella; Iannolo, Gioacchino; Anastasi, Gabriele; Caruso, Laura; Moschetti, Gaetano; Cupri, Alessandra; Palumbo, Antonio Giuseppe; Gulisano, Massimo; De Maria, Ruggero; Giustolisi, Rosario; Di Raimondo, Francesco
2008Apoptosis in normal and cancer stem cellsIannolo, Gioacchino; Conticello, Concetta; Memeo, Lorenzo; De Maria, Ruggero
2001CD24+KDR+ cells exhibit long-term culture initiating cell (LTC-IC) activity in serial rounds of 3-months extended LTCValtieri, Mauro; Masella, Barbara; Mueller, Robert; Eramo, Adriana; Botta, Rosanna; Iannolo, Gioacchino; Peschle, Cesare
2001Comparative analysis of anti-KDR MoAbs (KDR1, KD2): specificity and capacity to recognize both hematopoietic stem cells and endothelial precursorsBotta, Rosanna; Mueller, Robert; Coppola, Simona; Iannolo, Gioacchino; Pelosi, Elvira; De Maria, Ruggero; Valtieri, Mauro; Peschle, Cesare
2007Proteasome inhibitors synergize with tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-induced ligand to induce anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell deathConticello, Concetta; Adamo, Luana; Giuffrida, Raffaella; Vicari, Luisa; Zeuner, Ann; Eramo, Adriana; Anastasi, Gabriele; Memeo, Lorenzo; Giuffrida, Dario; Iannolo, Gioacchino; Gulisano, Massimo; De Maria, Ruggero
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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