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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Anisakidae infection in fish of the Aegean SeaChaligiannis, Ilias; Lalle, Marco; Pozio, Edoardo; Sotiraki, Smaragda
2009Anisakis pegreffi etiological agent of gastric infections in two Italian womenFumarola, Luciana; Monno, Rosa; Ierardi, Enzo; Rizzo, Giovanni; Giannelli, Giorgia; Lalle, Marco; Pozio, Edoardo
2007Cyst formation in Giardia duodenalis is affected by phoshorylation and polyglycylation of 14-3-3 homolog proteinLalle, Marco; Fratini, Federica; Bavassano, Carlo; Cecchetti, Serena; Crescenzi, Marco; Pozio, Edoardo
2011Dematin, a component of the erythrocyte membrane-skeleton, is internalized by the malaria parasite and associates with Plasmodium 14-3-3Lalle, Marco; Currà, Chiara; Ciccarone, Fabio; Pace, Tomasino; Cecchetti, Serena; Fantozzi, Luca; Ay, Bernhard; Braun Breton, Catherine; Ponzi, Marta
2005Dientamoeba fragilis is more prevalent than Giarda duodenalis in children and adults attending a day care centre in central ItalyCrotti, Daniele; D'Annibale, M L; Fonzo, G; Lalle, Marco; Cacciò, Simone Mario; Pozio, Edoardo
2010Expression of Cryptosporidium parvum Cpa135/CpCCP1 chimeras in Giardia duodenalis: organization of the protein domains affects the protein secretion pathway Lalle, Marco; Rosati, Maria Adelaide; Bien, Justina; Hehl, Adrian B; Pozio, Edoardo; Tosini, Fabio
2005Genetic heterogeneity at the beta-giardin locus among human and animal isolates of Giardia duodenalis and identification of potentially zoonotic subgenotypesLalle, Marco; Pozio, Edoardo; Capelli, Gioia; Bruschi, Fabrizio; Crotti, Daniele; Cacciò, Simone Mario
2005Genotyping of Giardia duodenalis from humans and dogs from Mexico using a beta-giardin nested polymerase chain reaction assayLalle, Marco; Jimenez, Enedine; Cacciò, Simone Mario; Pozio, Edoardo
2011Giardia Duodenalis 14-3-3 protein is polyglycylated by a tubulin tyrosin ligase-like member and deglycylated by two metallocarboxypeptidasesLalle, Marco; Camerini, Serena; Cecchetti, Serena; Fantauzzi, Blasetti Claudia; Crescenzi, Marco; Pozio, Edoardo
2006The giardia duodenalis 14-3-3 protein is post-translationally modified by phosphorylation and polyglycylation of the c-terminal tailLalle, Marco; Salzano, Anna Maria; Crescenzi, Marco; Pozio, Edoardo
2010Giardiasis in the post genomic era: treatment, drug resistance and novel therapeutic perspectivesLalle, Marco
2009High genetic polymorphism among Giardia duodenalis isolates from Sahrawi childrenLalle, Marco; Bruschi, Fabrizio; Castagna, Barbara; Campa, Mario; Pozio, Edoardo; Cacciò, Simone Mario
2012The interaction network of the 14-3-3 protein in the ancient protozoan parasite Giardia duodenalisLalle, Marco; Camerini, Serena; Cecchetti, Serena; Sayadi, Ahmed; Crescenzi, Marco; Pozio, Edoardo
2013Interkingdom complementation reveals structural conservation and functional divergence of 14-3-3 proteinsLalle, Marco; Leptourgidou, Flora; Camerini, Serena; Pozio, Edoardo; Skoulakis, Efthimios M C
2009International ring trial to detect anti-Trichinella IgG by ELISA on pig seraRing Trial Participants; Gómez-Morales, Maria Angeles; Ludovisi, Alessandra; Pezzotti, Patrizio; Amati, Marco; Cherchi, Simona; Lalle, Marco; Pecoraro, Federico; Pozio, Edoardo
2010Involvement of 14-3-3 post-translational modifications in Giardia duodenalis encystationLalle, Marco; Bavassano, Carlo; Fratini, Federica; Cecchetti, Serena; Boisguerin, Prisca; Crescenzi, Marco; Pozio, Edoardo
2007Molecular characterization of human isolates of Giardia duodenalis from EthiopiaGelanew, Tesfaye; Lalle, Marco; Hailu, Asrat; Pozio, Edoardo; Cacciò, Simone Mario
2008Multilocus genotyping of Giardia duodenalis reveals striking differences between assemblages A and BCacciò, Simone Mario; Beck, Relja; Lalle, Marco; Marinculic, Albert; Pozio, Edoardo
2007A novel Giardia duodenalis assemblage A subtype in fallow deerLalle, Marco; Frangipane di Regalbono, Antonio; Poppi, Lisa; Nobili, Giovanni; Tonanzi, Daniele; Pozio, Edoardo; Cacciò, Simone Mario
2005Parassiti trasmessi attraverso le acquePozio, Edoardo; Lalle, Marco; Cacciò, Simone Mario
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