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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Analysis of ENG and ACVRL1 genes in 137 HHT Italian families identifies 76 different mutations (24 novel) Comparison with other European studiesOlivieri C; Pagella F; Semino L; Lanzarini L; Valacca C; Pilotto A; Corno S; Scappaticci S; Manfredi G; Buscarini E; Danesino C
2007Aortic dimensions in Turner's syndrome: two-dimensional echocardiography versus magnetic resonance imagingLanzarini L; Larizza D; Prete G; Calcaterra V; Meloni G; Sammarchi L; Klersy C
2006Echocardiographic screening discloses increased values of pulmonary artery systolic pressure in 9 of 68 unselected patients affected with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasiaOlivieri C; Lanzarini L; Pagella F; Semino L; Corno S; Valacca C; Plauchu H; Lesca G; Barthelet M; Buscarini E; Danesino C
2005Identification of sixty-two novel and twelve known FBN1 mutations in eighty-one unrelated probands with Marfan syndrome and other fibrillinopathiesArbustini E; Grasso M; Ansaldi S; Malattia C; Pilotto A; Porcu E; Disabella E; Marziliano N; Pisani A; Lanzarini L; Mannarino S; Larizza D; Mosconi M; Antoniazzi E; Zoia MC; Meloni G; Magrassi L; Brega A; Bedeschi MF; Torrente I; Mari F; Tavazzi L
2007Pregnancy in a woman with Turner syndrome and celiac diseaseCalcaterra V; Lanzarini L; Guerci B; Mancini L; Giovenale D; Scaglia F; Albanesi M; Larizza D
2007Prospective evaluation of aortic dimensions in Turner syndrome: A 2-dimensional echocardiographic studyLanzarini L; Larizza D; Prete G; Calcaterra V; Klersy C
2006Treatment of epistaxis in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia patients by argon plasma coagulation with local anesthesiaPagella F; Semino L; Olivieri C; Corno S; Dore R; Draghi F; Lanzarini L; Vespro V; Buscarini E; Danesino C
2006Two novel and one known mutation of the TGFBR2 gene in Marfan syndrome not associated with FBN1 gene defectsDisabella E; Grasso M; Marziliano N; Ansaldi S; Lucchelli C; Porcu E; Tagliani M; Pilotto A; Diegoli M; Lanzarini L; Malattia C; Pelliccia A; Ficcadenti A; Gabrielli O; Arbustini E
2005Two simple echo-Doppler measurements can accurately identify pulmonary hypertension in the large majority of patients with chronic heart failureLanzarini L; Fontana A; Campana C; Klersy C
2005Vascular abnormalities in the fingers of patients affected with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) as assessed by color Doppler sonographyDraghi F; Precerutti M; Danesino GM; Olivieri C; Valacca C; Danesino C; Pagella F; Semino L; Lanzarini L; Buscarini E
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10


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