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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Analysis of chromosome loss and non-disjunction in cytokinesis-blocked lymphocytes of 24 male subjectsCarere, Angelo; Antoccia, Antonio; Cimini, D.; Crebelli, Riccardo; Degrassi, Francesca; Leopardi, Paola; Marcon, Francesca; Sgura, A.; Tanzarella, Caterina; Zijno, Andrea
1996Analysis of chromosome segregation by means of fluorescence in situ hybridization: application to cytokinesis-blocked human lymphocytes Zijno, Andrea; Leopardi, Paola; Marcon, Francesca; Crebelli, Riccardo
1996Analysis of chromosome segregation in cytokinesis-blocked human lymphocytes: non-disjunction is the prevalent damage resulting from low dose exposure to spindle poisonsZijno, Andrea; Marcon, Francesca; Leopardi, Paola; Crebelli, Riccardo
2003Analysis of micronuclei in peripheral blood lymphocytes of traffic wardens: effects of exposure, metabolic genotypes, and inhibition of excision repair in vitro by ARA-CLeopardi, Paola; Zijno, Andrea; Marcon, Francesca; Conti, Luigi; Carere, Angelo; Verdina, Alessandra; Galati, Rossella; Tomei, Francesco; Baccolo, Tiziana Paola; Crebelli, Roberto
2009Assessment of cytotoxicity and DNA damage induced by the carcinogen furan in liver and spleen cells of B6C3F1 miceLeopardi, Paola; Cordelli, Eugenia; Villani, Paola; Macrì, Caterina; Malchiodi Albedi, Fiorella; Caiola, Stefania; Zijno, Andrea; De Luca, Gabriele; Crebelli, Riccardo
2003Assessment of genotoxic hazard posed by oral exposure to vanadium pentavalentLeopardi, Paola; Siniscalchi, Ester; Cordelli, Eugenia; Villani, Paola; Veschetti, Enrico; Crebelli, Riccardo
2005Assessment of genotoxic hazard posed by oral exposure to vanadium tetravalentLeopardi, Paola; Cordelli, Eugenia; Villani, Paola; Siniscalchi, Ester; Veschetti, Enrico; Crebelli, Riccardo
2010Assessment of in vivo genotoxicity of the rodent carcinogen furan: evaluation of DNA damage and induction of micronuclei in mouse splenocytesLeopardi, Paola; Cordelli, Eugenia; Villani, Paola; Cremona, Tiziana Patrizia; Conti, Luigi; De Luca, Gabriele; Crebelli, Riccardo
1994An assessment of the in vivo clastogenicity of erythrosineZijno, Andrea; Marcon, Francesca; Leopardi, Paola; Salvatore, Giuseppe; Carere, Angelo; Crebelli, Riccardo
2005Assessment of the in vivo genotoxicity of vanadate: analysis of micronuclei and DNA damage induced in mice by oral exposureLeopardi, Paola; Villani, Paola; Cordelli, Eugenia; Siniscalchi, Ester; Veschetti, Enrico; Crebelli, Riccardo
1984Biological monitoring of workers in the rubber industry. II. UV-induced unscheduled DNA synthesis in the lymphocytes of vulcanizersBenigni, Romualdo; Calcagnile, Angelo; Fabri, G.; Giuliani, Alessandro; Leopardi, Paola; Paoletti, A
2002Biomonitoring of exposure to urban air pollutants: analysis of sister chromatid exchanges and DNA lesions in peripheral lymphocytes of traffic policemenCarere, Angelo; Andreoli, Cristina; Galati, Rossella; Leopardi, Paola; Marcon, Francesca; Rosati, Maria Vittoria; Rossi, Sabrina; Tomei, Francesco; Verdina, Alessandra; Zijno, Andrea; Crebelli, Riccardo
2009A chronic in vivo exposure to furan induce oxidative DNA damage and micronucleiDe Luca, Gabriele; Russo, Maria Teresa; Leopardi, Paola; Cremona, Tiziana Patrizia; Degan, Paolo; Pannellini, Tania; Musiani, Piero; Bignami, Margherita
2011Contaminanti chimici nell'acqua potabile e rischi a lungo termineCrebelli, Riccardo; Leopardi, Paola
2000Cytogenetic monitoring of traffic policemen of Rome: preliminary resultsLeopardi, Paola; Marcon, Francesca; Zijno, Andrea; Conti, Luigi; Carere, Angelo; Tomei, Francesco; Riservato, Roberto; Anzelmo, Vincenza; Crebelli, Riccardo
2001Danno al DNA nei linfociti di sangue periferico e marcatori del metabolismo dei folatiZijno, Andrea; Andreoli, Cristina; Caiola, Stefania; Leopardi, Paola; Marcon, Francesca; Rossi, Sabrina; Falasca, Giuliana; Galati, Rossella; Verdina, Alessandra; Cafolla, Arturo; Dragoni, Francesco; Crebelli, Riccardo
1997Detection of DNA damage in human lymphocytes by alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis after exposure to benzene or benzene metabolites Andreoli, Cristina; Leopardi, Paola; Crebelli, Riccardo
2004DNA damage and DNA repair polymorphisms in healthy individualsZijno, Andrea; Marcon, Francesca; Leopardi, Paola; Rossi, Sabrina; Andreoli, Cristina; Conti, Luigi; Galati, Rossella; Verdina, Alessandra; Crebelli, Riccardo
1999DNA damage by hydroquinone in human white blood cells: analysis by alkaline single-cell gel electrophoresisAndreoli, Cristina; Rossi, Sabrina; Leopardi, Paola; Crebelli, Riccardo
2013DNA damage response in monozygotic twins discordant for smoking habitsMarcon, Francesca; Carotti, Daniela; Andreoli, Cristina; Siniscalchi, Ester; Leopardi, Paola; Caiola, Stefania; Biffoni, Mauro; Zijno, Andrea; Medda, Emanuela; Nisticò, Lorenza; Rossi, Sabrina; Crebelli, Riccardo
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