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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Altered emotionality, spatial memory and cholinergic function in caveolin-1 knock-out miceGioiosa, Laura; Raggi, Carla; Ricceri, Laura; Jasmin, Jean-Francois; Frank, Philippe G; Capozza, Franco; Lisanti, Michael P; Alleva, Enrico; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Laviola, Giovanni
1995Caveolae and human disease: functional roles in transcytosis, potocytosis, signalling and cell polarityLisanti, Michael P; Scherer, Philipp E; Tang, ZhaoLan; Kubler, Eric; Koleske, Antony J.; Sargiacomo, Massimo
1995Caveolae, transmembrane signalling and cellular transformationLisanti, Michael P; Tang, ZhaoLan; Scherer, Philipp E; Kubler, Eric; Koleske, Antony J.; Sargiacomo, Massimo
2009Caveolin-1 tumor-promoting role in human melanomaFelicetti, Federica; Parolini, Isabella; Bottero, Lisabianca; Fecchi, Katia; Errico, Maria Cristina; Raggi, Carla; Biffoni, Mauro; Spadaro, Francesca; Lisanti, Michael P; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Carè, Alessandra
2000Caveolin-3 directly interacts with the C-terminal tail of beta-dystroglycanSotgia, Federica; Lee, Jean Kyung; Das, Kallol; Bedford, Mark; Petrucci, Tamara Corinna; Macioce, Pompeo; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Dagna Bricarelli, Franca; Minetti, Carlo; Sudol, Marius; Lisanti, Michael P
1993Caveolin forms a hetero-oligomeric protein complex that interacts with an apical GPI-linked protein: implications for the biogenesis of caveolaeLisanti, Michael P; Tang, ZhaoLan; Sargiacomo, Massimo
1995Caveolin isoforms differ in their N-terminal protein sequence and subcellular distributionScherer, Philipp E; Tang, ZhaoLan; Chun, Miyoung; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Lodish, Harvey F.; Lisanti, Michael P
1996Co-purification and direct interaction of Ras with caveolin, an integral membrane protein of caveilae microdomainsSong Kenneth, S.; Li, Shengwen; Okamoto, Takashi; Quilliam, Lawrence A.; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Lisanti, Michael P
1995Evidence for a regulated interaction between heterotrimetic G proteins and caveolinLi, Shengwen; Okamoto, Takashi; Chun, Miyoung; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Casanova, James E.; Hansen Steen, H.; Nishimoto, Ikuo; Lisanti, Michael P
1999Expression of Caveolin-1 is required for the transport of Caveolin-2 to the plasma membraneParolini, Isabella; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Galbiati, Ferruccio; Rizzo, Giovanni; Grignani, Francesco; Engelman, Jeffrey A.; Okamoto, Takashi; Ikezu, suneya; Scherer, Philipp E; Mora, Rosalia; Rodriguez-Boulan, Enrique; Peschle, Cesare; Lisanti, Michael P
1994In vitro phosphorylation of caveolin-rich membrane domains: identification of an associated serine kinase activity as a casein kinase II-like enzymeSargiacomo, Massimo; Scherer, Philipp E; Tang, ZhaoLan; Casanova, E.; Lisanti, Michael P
1994Induction of caveolin during adipogenesis and association of GLUT4 with ceveolin-rich vesiclesScherer, Philipp E; Lisanti, Michael P; Baldini, Giulia; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Corley Mastick, Cynthia; Lodish, Harvey F.
1997Interaction of a receptor tyrosine kinase, EGF-R, with caveolinsCouet, Jacques; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Lisanti, Michael P
1995Lyn e lck in linee leucemiche umane e granulociti normali: localizzazione selettiva in aree di membrana plasmatica insolubili in tritonParolini, Isabella; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Lisanti, Michael P; Peschle, Cesare
1995Oligomeric structure of caveolin: implications for caveolae membrane organizationSargiacomo, Massimo; Scherer, Philipp E; Tang, ZhaoLan; Kubler, Eric; Song Kenneth, S.; Sanders, Mitchell; Lisanti, Michael P
1999Phorbol ester-induced disruption of the CD4-Lck complex occurs within a detergent-resistant microdomain of the plasma membraneParolini, Isabella; Topa, Stefania; Sorice, Maurizio; Pace, Alberto; Ceddia, Pier Giuseppe; Montesoro, Elisabetta; Pavan, Antonio; Lisanti, Michael P; Peschle, Cesare; Sargiacomo, Massimo
1999Porin is present in the plasma membrane where it is concentrated in caveolae and caveolae-related domainsBathori, Gyorgy; Parolini, Isabella; Tombola, Francesco; Szabò, Ildikò; Messina, Angelo; Oliva, Marta; De Pinto, Vito; Lisanti, Michael P; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Zoratti, Mario
1993Signal transducing molecules and glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol-linked proteins form a caveolin-rich insoluble complex in MDCK cellsSargiacomo, Massimo; Sudol, Marius; Tang, ZhaoLan; Lisanti, Michael P
1996Signal transduction and Glycophosphatidylinositol-linked-proteins (LYN, LCK, CD4, CD45, G proteins, and CD55) selectively localize in triton-insoluble plasma membrane domains of human leukemic cell lines and normal granulocytesParolini, Isabella; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Lisanti, Michael P; Peschle, Cesare
1997Targeting of a G alpha subunit (Gi1 alpha) and c-Src tyrosine kinase to caveolae membranes: clarifying the role of N-myristoylationSong Kenneth, S.; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Galbiati, Ferruccio; Parenti, M; Lisanti, Michael P
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