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1998Intracellular expression of P-170 glycoprotein in peripheral blood mononuclear cell subsets from healthy donors and HIV-infected patientsMalorni, Walter; Lucia Mothanje, Barbara; Rainaldi, Gabriella; Cauda, Roberto; Cianfriglia, Maurizio; Donelli, Gianfranco; Ortona, Luigi
1998A new, striking morphological alteration of P-glycoprotein expression in NK cells from AIDS patientsCauda, Roberto; Lucia Mothanje, Barbara; Ortona, Luigi; Rainaldi, Gabriella; Donelli, Gianfranco; Malorni, Walter
1995P-179 glycoprotein (P-170 is involved in the impairment of natural killer cell-mediated cytotoxicity in HIV+ patientsLucia Mothanje, Barbara; Cauda, Roberto; Malorni, Walter; Rainaldi, Gabriella; Tumbarello, Mario; Tacconelli, Evelina; Rumi, Carlo; Donelli, Gianfranco; Ortona, Luigi
2006Quinoline antimalarials as investigational drugs for HIV-1/AIDS: in vitro effects on HIV-1 replication, HIV-1 response to antiretroviral drugs, and intracellular antiretroviral drug concentrationsSavarino, Andrea; Lucia Mothanje, Barbara; Heine, Rob ter; Rastrelli, Elena; Rutella, Sergio; Majori, Giancarlo; Huitema, Alwin; Boelaert, John R; Cauda, Roberto
1994Ridotta espressione di P-glicoproteina (P-170) sulla superficie di varie sottopopolazioni linfocitarie sia "resting" che attivate in corso di infezione da HIV"Ortona, Luigi; Lucia Mothanje, Barbara; Tumbarello, Mario; Cauda, Roberto; Malorni, Walter; Donelli, Gianfranco
1998The role of oxidative imbalance in progression to AIDS: effect of the thiol supplier N-acetylcysteineMalorni, Walter; Rivabene, Roberto; Lucia Mothanje, Barbara; Ferrara, Rosetta; Mazzone, Anna Maria; Cauda, Roberto; Paganelli, Roberto
1998Susceptibility of ex vivo peripheral blood monuclear cells to oxidative stress is correlated with the stage of hiv diseaseMalorni, Walter; Lucia Mothanje, Barbara; Rivabene, Roberto; Ferrara, Rosetta; Mazzone, Anna Maria; Rainaldi, Gabriella; Cauda, Roberto; Paganelli, Roberto
1995Transmembrane P-glycoprotein (P-gp/P-170) in HIV infection: analysis of lymphocyte surface expression and drug-unrelated functionLucia Mothanje, Barbara; Cauda, Roberto; Landay, A.L.; Malorni, Walter; Donelli, Gianfranco; Ortona, Luigi
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8


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