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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007AL Amyloidosis: diagnosis and prognosisMerlini G
2005Amyloid: toward terminology clarification Report from the Nomenclature Committee of the International Society of AmyloidosisWestermark P; Benson MD; Buxbaum JN; Cohen AS; Frangione B; Ikeda S; Masters CL; Merlini G; Saraiva MJ; Sipe JD
2004Amyloidosis and Waldestrom's macroglobulinemiaGertz MA; Merlini G; Treon SP
2007Analysis of hepatitis C virus hypervariable region 1 sequence from cryoglobulinemic patients and associated controlsBianchettin G; Bonaccini C; Oliva R; Tramontano A; Cividini A; Casato M; Merlini G; Silini E; Mondelli MU
2004Association of melphalan and high-dose dexamethasone is effective and well tolerated in patients with AL (primary) amyloidosis who are ineligible for stem cell transplantationPalladini G; Perfetti V; Obici L; Caccialanza R; Semino A; Adami F; Cavallero G; Rustichelli R; Virga G; Merlini G
2005Autoantibody activity in Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemiaStone MJ; Merlini G; Pascual V
2005Beta 2-microglobulin isoforms display an heterogeneous affinity for type I collagenGiorgetti S; Rossi A; Mangione P; Raimondi S; Marini S; Stoppini M; Corazza A; Viglino P; Esposito G; Cetta G; Merlini G; Bellotti V
2006Bone marrow amyloidosisInvernizzi R; Palladini G; Benatti C; Travaglino E; Nuvolone M; Merlini G
2007Bortezomib in the treatment of AL amyloidosis: targeted therapy?Sitia R; Palladini G; Merlini G
2006Circulating amyloidogenic free light chains and serum N-terminal natriuretic peptide type B decrease simultaneously in association with improvement of survival in ALPalladini G; Lavatelli F; Russo P; Perlini S; Perfetti V; Bosoni T; Obici L; Bradwell AR; D'Eril GM; Fogari R; Moratti R; Merlini G
2005Clinical aspects of systemic amyloid diseasesObici L; Perfetti V; Palladini G; Moratti R; Merlini G
2007Clinical indications for plasma protein assays: transthyretin (prealbumin) in inflammation and malnutrition - International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) - IFCC scientific division committee on plasma proteins (C-PP)Johnson AM; Merlini G; Sheldon J; Ichihara K
2005The combination of thalidomide and intermediate-dose dexamethasone is an effective but toxic treatment for patients with primary amyloidosis (AL)Palladini G; Perfetti V; Perlini S; Obici L; Lavatelli F; Caccialanza R; Invernizzi R; Comotti B; Merlini G
2005Comparison of three strategies for myocardial protection during coronary artery bypass graft surgery based on markers of cardiac damageBarassi A; Merlini G; Finazzi S; Pallotti F; Mantovani V; Sala A; D'Eril GM
2006Dangerous small B cell clonesMerlini G; Stone MJ
2005Definition of organ involvement and treatment response in immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis (AL): a consensus opinion from th 10th International Symposium on Amyloid an Amyloidosis, Tours, France, 18-22 April 2004Gertz MA; Comenzo R; Falk RH; Fermand JP; Hazenberg BP; Hawkins PN; Merlini G; Moreau P; Ronco P; Sanchorawala V; Sezer O; Solomon A; Grateau G
2007Diagnostic performance of amyloid A protein quantification in fat tissue of patients with clinical AA amyloidosisHazenberg BPC; Bijzet J; Limburg PC; Skinner M; Hawkins PN; Butrimiene I; Livneh A; Lesnyak O; Nasonov EL; Filipowicz Sosnowska A; Gul A; Merlini G; Wiland P; Ozdogan H; Gorevic PD; Ben Maiz H; Benson MD; Direskeneli H; Kaarela K; Garceau D; Hauck
2007Eprodisate for the treatment of renal disease in AA amyloidosisDember LM; Hawkins PN; Hazenberg BPC; Gorevic PD; Merlini G; Butrimiene I; Livneh A; Lesnyak O; Puechal X; Lachmann HJ; Obici L; Balshaw R; Garceau D; Hauck W; Skinner M
2004First report of systemic reactive (AA) amyloidosis in a patient with the hyperimmunoglobulinemia D with periodic fever syndromeObici L; Manno C; Muda AO; Picco P; D'Osualdo A; Palladini G; Avanzini MA; Torres D; Marciano S; Merlini G
2007Genetic microheterogeneity of human transthyretin detected by IEFAltland K; Benson MD; Costello CE; Ferlini A; Hazenberg BRC; Hund E; Kristen Av; Linke RP; Merlini G; Salvi F; Saraiva MJ; Singer R; Skinner M; Winter P
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