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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Changes in human plasma nerve growth factor level after chronic alcohol consumption and withdrawalAloe, Luigi; Tuveri, Marco Aurelio; Guerra, Giovanni; Pinna, L.; Tirassa, Paola; Micera, Alessandra; Alleva, Enrico
1998Early maternal separation increases NGF expression in the developing rat hippocampus Cirulli, Francesca; Micera, Alessandra; Alleva, Enrico; Aloe, Luigi
1994Emotional stress induced by parachute jumping enhances blood nerve growth factor levels and the distribution of nerve growth factor receptors in lymphocytesAloe, Luigi; Bracci Laudiero, Luisa; Alleva, Enrico; Lambiase, Andrea; Micera, Alessandra; Tirassa, Paola
2009In vitro evidence of nerve growth factor effects on human conjunctival epithelial cells differentiation and mucin gene expressionLambiase, Alessandro; Micera, Alessandra; Pellegrini, Graziella; Merlo, Daniela; Rama, Paolo; De Luca, Michele; Bonini, Sergio; Bonini, Stefano
2005Molecular basis for keratoconus: lack of TrkA expression and its transcriptional repression by Sp3Lambiase, Alessandro; Merlo, Daniela; Mollinari, Cristiana; Bonini, Paolo; Rinaldi, Anna Maria; D'Amato, Mauro; Micera, Alessandra; Coassin, Marco; Rama, Paolo; Bonini, Stefano; Garaci, Enrico
1999Nerve growth factor is an autocrine factor essential for the survival of macrophages infected with HIVGaraci, Enrico; Caroleo, Maria Cristina; Aloe, Luigi; Acquaro, Stefano; Piacentini, Mauro; Costa, Nicola; Amendola, Alessandra; Micera, Alessandra; Caliò, Raffaele; Perno, Carlo Federico; Levi Montalcini, Rita
1995NGF antibody production as a result of repeated psychosocial stress in adult miceAloe, Luigi; Musi, Barbara; Micera, Alessandra; Santucci, Daniela; Tirassa, Paola; Alleva, Enrico
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7


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