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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001The adjuvant effect of synthetic oligodeoxynucleotide containing CpG motif converts the anti-Haemophilus influenzae type b glycoconjugates into efficient anti-polysaccharide and anti-carrier polyvalent vaccinesVon Hunolstein, Christina; Mariotti, Sabrina; Teloni, Raffaela; Alfarone, Giovanna; Romagnoli, Giulia; Orefici, Graziella; Nisini, Roberto
2004Antibody classes & subclasses induced by mucosal immunization of mice with Streptococcus pyogenes M6 protein & oligodeoxynucleotides containing CpG motifsTeloni, Raffaela; Von Hunolstein, Christina; Mariotti, Sabrina; Donati, Simona; Nisini, Roberto; Orefici, Graziella
1999Antigen presentation and occurrence of opportunistic infections in AIDS patients. Ex-vivo experimental models and therapeutic approaches. (50B/D)Romagnoli, Giulia; Teloni, Raffaela; Mariotti, Sergio; Fattorini, Lanfranco; Yuming, F.; Orefici, Graziella; Mezzaroma, Ivano; Aiuti, Fernando; Nisini, Roberto
2001Antigenic properties and processing requirements of 65-kilodalton mannoprotein (MP65), a major antigen target of anti-Candida human T-cell response, as disclosed by specific human T-cell clonesNisini, Roberto; Romagnoli, Giulia; Gomez Miguel, Maria Jesus; La Valle, Roberto; Torosantucci, Antonella; Mariotti, Sabrina; Teloni, Raffaela; Cassone, Antonio
2004Bacillus Calmette-Guérin shares with virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis the capacity to subvert monocyte differentiation into dendritic cell: implication for its efficacy as a vaccine preventing tuberculosisGagliardi, Maria Cristina; Teloni, Raffaela; Mariotti, Sabrina; Iona, Elisabetta; Pardini, Manuela; Fattorini, Lanfranco; Orefici, Graziella; Nisini, Roberto
2011Bystander inhibition of dendritic cell differentiation by Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced IL-10Remoli, Maria Elena; Giacomini, Elena; Petruccioli, Elisa; Gafa, Valérie; Severa, Martina; Gagliardi, Maria Cristina; Iona, Elisabetta; Pine, Richard; Nisini, Roberto; Coccia, Eliana Marina
2004Candida albicans yeast and germ tube forms interfere differently with human monocyte differentiation into dendritic cells: a novel dimorphism-dependent mechanism to escape the host's immune responseTorosantucci, Antonella; Romagnoli, Giulia; Chiani, Paola; Stringaro, Annarita; Crateri, Pasqualina; Mariotti, Sabrina; Teloni, Raffaela; Arancia, Giuseppe; Cassone, Antonio; Nisini, Roberto
2007Cell-wall associated alpha-glucan is instrumental for Mycobacterium tuberculosis to block CD1 molecule expression and disable the function of dendritic cell derived from infected monocyteGagliardi, Maria Cristina; Lemassu, Anne; Teloni, Raffaela; Mariotti, Sabrina; Sargentini, Valeria; Pardini, Manuela; Daffé, Mamadou; Nisini, Roberto
1997Cross sectional retrospective study of prevalence of atopy among Italian military students with antibodies against hepatitis A virusMatricardi, Paolo Maria; Rosmini, Francesco; Ferrigno, Luigina; Nisini, Roberto; Rapicetta, Maria; Chionne, Paola; Stroffolini, Tommaso; Pasquini, Paolo; D'Amelio, Raffaele
2009Cytometric detection of antigen-specific IFN-?/IL-2 secreting cells in the diagnosis of tuberculosisSargentini, Valeria; Mariotti, Sabrina; Carrara, Stefania; Gagliardi, Maria Cristina; Teloni, Raffaela; Goletti, Delia; Nisini, Roberto
2002Dendritic cells generated from human CD14+ monocytes in the presence of type I IFN efficiently stimulate an Epstein-Barr virus-specific cytotoxic CD8+ T cell responseSantodonato, Laura; D'Agostino, Giuseppina; Nisini, Roberto; Mariotti, Sabrina; Monque, Domenica Maria; Venditti, Massimo; Lattanzi, Laura; Perrone, Maria Paola; Belardelli, Filippo; Ferrantini, Maria
2010Detection of interleukin-2 in addition to interferon-gamma discriminates active tuberculosis patients, latently infected individuals, and controlsBiselli, Roberto; Mariotti, Sabrina; Sargentini, Valeria; Sauzullo, Ilaria; Lastilla, Marco; Mengoni, Fabio; Vanini, Valentina; Girardi, Enrico; Goletti, Delia; D'Amelio, Raffaele; Nisini, Roberto
2003Differential effect of yeast and germ tube forms of Candida albicans on monocyte differentiation into dendritic cellCrateri, Pasqualina; Torosantucci, Antonella; Romagnoli, Giulia; Chiani, Paola; Stringaro, Annarita; Mariotti, Sabrina; Teloni, Raffaela; Arancia, Giuseppe; Cassone, Antonio; Nisini, Roberto
2010Endogenous PGE2 promotes the induction of human Th17 responses by fungal ß-glucanGagliardi, Maria Cristina; Teloni, Raffaela; Mariotti, Sabrina; Bromuro, Carla; Chiani, Paola; Romagnoli, Giulia; Giannoni, Federico; Torosantucci, Antonella; Nisini, Roberto
2002Exposure of BALB/c mice to low doses of Mycobacterium avium increases resistance to a subsequent high-dose infectionFattorini, Lanfranco; Nisini, Roberto; Fan, Yuming; Li, Yong-Jun; Tan, Dejiang; Mariotti, Sabrina; Teloni, Raffaela; Iona, Elisabetta; Orefici, Graziella
2000Generation of a recombinant 65-kilodalton mannoprotein, a major antigen target of cell-mediated immune response to Candida albicansLa Valle, Roberto; Sandini, Silvia; Gomez Miguel, Maria Jesus; Mondello, Francesca; Romagnoli, Giulia; Nisini, Roberto; Cassone, Antonio
2009Generation of human T cell clonesMariotti, Sabrina; Nisini, Roberto
1997Human CD4+ T cell response to hepatitis delta virus: identification of multiple epitopes and characterization of T helper cytokine profilesNisini, Roberto; Paroli, Marino; Accapezzato, Daniele; Bonino, Ferruccio; Floriano, Rosina; Santantonio, Teresa; Sallusto, Federica; Houghton, Michael; Barnaba, Vincenzo
2006Human dendritic cells following Aspergillus fumigatus infection express the CCR7 receptor and a differential pattern of interleukin-12 (IL-12), IL-23, and IL-27 cytokines, which lead to a Th1 responseGafa, Valérie; Lande, Roberto; Gagliardi, Maria Cristina; Severa, Martina; Giacomini, Elena; Remoli, Maria Elena; Nisini, Roberto; Ramoni, Carlo; Di Francesco, Paolo; Aldebert, Delphine; Grillot, Renée; Coccia, Eliana Marina
2002Immunogenicity of anti-Haemophilus influenzae type b CRM197 conjugate following mucosal vaccination with oligodeoxynucleotide containing immunostimulatory sequences as adjuvantMariotti, Sabrina; Teloni, Raffaela; Von Hunolstein, Christina; Romagnoli, Giulia; Orefici, Graziella; Nisini, Roberto
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