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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006alphaB-crystallin mutation in dilated cardiomyopathies: low prevalence in a consecutive series of 200 unrelated probandsPilotto A; Marziliano N; Pasotti M; Grasso M; Costante AM; Arbustini E
2007Barth syndrome associated with compound hemizygosity and heterozygosity of the TAZ and LDB3 genesMarziliano N; Mannarino S; Nespoli L; Diegoli M; Pasotti M; Malattia C; Grasso M; Pilotto A; Porcu E; Raisaro A; Raineri C; Dore R; Maggio PP; Brega A; Arbustini E
2006Baseline echocardiographic characteristics of heart failure patients enrolled in a large European multicentre trial (Cardiac Resyncronization Heart Failure study)Ghio S; Freemantle N; Serio A; Magrini G; Scelsi L; Pasotti M; Cleland JG; Tavazzi L
2004Cardiomyology: an attempt to link structural cardial and skeletal muscle damage in patients with dilated cardiomyopathyArbustini E; Repetto A; Pasotti M; Azan g; Opasich c; Campana c; Gavazzi a; Ferrari r; Tavazzi l
2005Coronary atherosclerosis in end-stage idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy: an innocent bystander?Repetto A; Dal Bello B; Pasotti M; Agozzino M; Viganò M; Klersy C; Tavazzi L; Arbustini E
2006Deletion of Glu at codon 13 of the TCAP gene encoding the titin-cap-telethonin is a rare polymorphism in a large italian populationMarziliano N; Pilotto A; Grasso M; Pasotti M; Arbustini E
2006Desmin accumulation restrictive cardiomyopathy and atrioventricular block associated with desmin gene defectsArbustini E; Pasotti M; Pilotto A; Pellegrini C; Grasso M; Previtali S; Repetto A; Bellini O; Azan G; Scaffino M; Campana C; Piccolo G; Vigano M; Tavazzi L
2005Enormous bi-atrial enlargement in a persistent idiopathic atrial standstillDisertori M; Marini M; Cristoforetti A; Dallafior D; Nollo G; Centonze M; Ravelli F; Zeni P; Del Greco M; Gramegna L; Pasotti M; Arbustini E
2004The evaluation of right ventricular performance in different clinical models of heart failureCampana C; Pasotti M; Monti l; Revera m; Serio a; Nespoli l; Magrini g; Scelsi l; Ghio s; Tavazzi l
2005Gene symbol: CMD1A Disease: Dilated cardiomyopathy associated with conduction system diseaseArbustini E; Pasotti M; Pilotto A; Repetto A; Grasso M; Diegoli M
2006Gene symbol: KCNQ1 Disease: LQT1Arbustini E; Diegoli M; Pasotti M; Grasso M; Marziliano N; Marini M; Zeni P; Disertori M
2007Gene symbol: LDB3 in Dilated cardiomyopathyArbustini E; Rossi ML; Marziliano N; Presbitero P; Pilotto A; Pasotti M; Grasso M
2007Gene symbol: LDB3 in dilated cardiomyopathyArbustini E; Rossi ML; Marziliano N; Presbitero P; Pilotto A; Pasotti M; Grasso M
2007Gene symbol: LMNA Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Distrophy (EDMD)Arbustini E; Pasotti M; Pilotto A; Grasso M; Porcu E; Tocco G; Marziliano N
2007Gene symbol: LMNA in atrio-ventricular block (AVB) in dilated cardiomyopathyArbustini E; Pasotti M; Pilotto A; Grasso M; Tagliani M; Lucchelli C; Campana C; Chiriatti G; Marziliano N; Landolina M
2007Gene symbol: LMNA in Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)Arbustini E; Pasotti M; Pilotto A; Diegoli M; Brega A; Disabella E; Grasso M; Marziliano N
2005Gene symbol: SCN5A Disease: Brugada syndromeArbustini E; Scaffino MF; Diegoli M; Marziliano N; Grasso M; Pasotti M; Baraldi P; Zennaro RG
2004Genetic predisposition to heart failurePasotti M; Repetto A; Tavazzi L; Arbustini E
2004Malattie associate a geni della lamina A/C: quello che il cardiologo clinico deve saperePasotti M; Repetto A; Pisani A; Arbustini E
2006Obstructive intramural coronary amyloidosis: a distinct phenotype of cardiac amyloidosis that can cause acute heart failurePasotti M; Agozzino M; Concardi M; Merlini G; Rapezzi C; Arbustini E
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