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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Arrow CorAide left ventricular assist system: Initial experience of the cardio-thoracic surgery center in PaviaGazzoli F; Alloni A; Pagani F; Pellegrini C; Longobardi A; Ricci D; Rinaldi M; Viganò M
2006Desmin accumulation restrictive cardiomyopathy and atrioventricular block associated with desmin gene defectsArbustini E; Pasotti M; Pilotto A; Pellegrini C; Grasso M; Previtali S; Repetto A; Bellini O; Azan G; Scaffino M; Campana C; Piccolo G; Vigano M; Tavazzi L
2006Diagnostic imaging of lung cancer after heart transplantationLa Fianza A; Pellegrini C; Berton F; Rinaldi M; Ippoliti G; Gorone MS; Viganò M
2005The frequency of interleukin-10-and interleukin-5-secreting CD4(+) T cells correlates to tolerance of transplanted lungBianco AM; Solari N; Miserere S; Pellegrini C; Vitulo P; Pozzi E; Fietta A; Meloni F
2005Gelsolin secretion in interleukin-4-treated bronchial epithelia and in asthmatic airwaysCandiano G; Bruschi M; Pedemonte N; Caci E; Liberatori S; Bini L; Pellegrini C; Vigano M; O'Connor BJ; Lee TH; Galietta LJV; Zegarra Moran O
2004Heart transplantation in patients with amyloidosis: Single-center experienceAlloni A; Pellegrini C; Ragni T; Goggi C; D'Armini AM; Rinaldi M; Vigano M
2004Heterotopic heart transplantation: A single-centre experienceBoffini M; Ragni T; Pellegrini C; Goggi C; D'Armini AM; Rinaldi M; Vigano M
2006Impact of human metapneumovirus and human cytomegalovirus versus other respiratory viruses on the lower respiratory tract infections of lung transplant recipientsGerna G; Vitulo P; Rovida F; Lilleri D; Pellegrini C; Oggionni T; Campanini G; Baldanti F; Revello MG
2005Incidence of cancer after immunosuppressive treatment for heart transplantationIppoliti G; Rinaldi M; Pellegrini C; Viganò M
2006Monitoring of human cytomegalovirus-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell immunity in patients receiving solid organ transplantationGerna G; Lilleri D; Fornara C; Comolli G; Lozza L; Campana C; Pellegrini C; Meloni F; Rampino T
2006Peripheral CD4+ CD25+ Treg cell expansion in lung transplant recipients is not affected by calcineurin inhibitorsMeloni F; Morosini M; Solari N; Bini F; Vitulo P; Arbustini E; Pellegrini C; Fietta AM
2004Twinning procedure in lung transplantation: Influence of graft ischemia on survival and incidence of complicationsD'Armini AM; Boffini M; Zanotti G; Pellegrini C; Rinaldi M; Abbiate N; Vigano M
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12


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