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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19831. Italo-Hungarian symposium on spectrochemistry: environmental protection and spectrochemistry. Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, September 5-9, 1983. Extended abstractsCaroli, Sergio; Alimonti, Alessandro; Petrucci, Francesco; Citti, Paolo
2000Activity of cisplatin and ICI 182,780 on estrogen receptor negative ovarian cancer cells: cell cycle and cell replication rate perturbation, chromatin texture alteration and apoptosis inductionErcoli, Alfredo; Battaglia, Alessandra; Raspaglio, Giuseppina; Fattorossi, Andrea; Alimonti, Alessandro; Petrucci, Francesco; Caroli, Sergio; Mancuso, Salvatore; Scambia, Giovanni
1995Alcuni aspetti del trattamento di materiale biologico prima della determinazione di elementi in tracciaCaroli, Sergio; Coni, Ettore; Violante, Nicola; Petrucci, Francesco; Caimi, Stefano
2009Alkynylation of aryl halides with perfluoro-tagged palladium nanoparticles immobilized on silica gel under aerobic, copper- and phosphine-free conditions in waterBernini, Roberta; Cacchi, Sandro; Fabrizi, Giancarlo; Forte, Giovanni; Petrucci, Francesco; Prastaro, Alessandro; Niembro, Sandra; Shafir, Alexandr; Vallribera, Adelina
2009Analysis of developmental interactions between decreased reelin levels, male sex, and mercury exposureKeller, Flavio; Biamonte, Filippo; Latini, Laura; Viscomi, MariaTeresa; Molinari, Marco; D'Ilio, Sonia; Majorani, Costanza; Petrucci, Francesco; Violante, Nicola; Senofonte, Oreste
1985Analysis of minor elements in metals by microwave-coupled hollow cathode dischargeCaroli, Sergio; Petrucci, Francesco; Alimonti, Alessandro; Záray, Gyula
1991Analytical and pharmacokinetic studies in anticancer chemotherapyAlimonti, Alessandro; Dominici, Carlo; Petrucci, Francesco; La Torre, Francesco; Caroli, Sergio
1988Analytical and pharmacokinetic studies of Pt-based antitumor agents in biological fluidsCaroli, Sergio; Petrucci, Francesco; La Torre, Francesco; Alimonti, Alessandro; Cifani, Andrea; Dominici, Carlo; Castello, Manuel Adolfo
1982Analytical capabilities of the microwave-coupled hollow-cathode discharge in emission spectroscopyCaroli, Sergio; Alimonti, Alessandro; Petrucci, Francesco
1985Analytical potential of the microwave-coupled hollow-cathode dischargeCaroli, Sergio; Alimonti, Alessandro; Petrucci, Francesco
1998Analytical problems in the determination of platinium-group metals in urine by quadrupole and magnetic sector field inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryKrachler, Michael; Alimonti, Alessandro; Petrucci, Francesco; Irgolic, Kurt J.; Forastiere, Francesco; Caroli, Sergio
1988Analytical quality assurance studies for the microdetermination of Cr, Pb and T1 in human tissuesCaroli, Sergio; Coni, Ettore; Petrucci, Francesco; Dejkumhang, M.; Edel, J.; Pietra, Romano; Sabbioni, Enrico; Vecchio, M.F.
1982Applicability of spectroscopic methods to the determination of aluminium in biological samplesCaroli, Sergio; Delle Femmine, Pietro; Alimonti, Alessandro; Petrucci, Francesco; Violante, Nicola
1996Arsenic speciation and health aspectsCaroli, Sergio; La Torre, Francesco; Petrucci, Francesco; Violante, Nicola
1995Artemia as a bioindicator of environmental contamination by trace elementsPetrucci, Francesco; Caimi, Stefano; Mura, Graziella; Caroli, Sergio
2001Assessment of exposure to platinum-group metals in urban childrenCaroli, Sergio; Alimonti, Alessandro; Petrucci, Francesco; Bocca, Beatrice; Krachler, Michael; Forastiere, Francesco; Sacerdote, Maria Teresa; Mallone, Sandra
1994The assessment of reference values for elements in human biological tissues and fluids: a systematic reviewCaroli, Sergio; Alimonti, Alessandro; Coni, Ettore; Petrucci, Francesco; Senofonte, Oreste; Violante, Nicola
2005Assessment of reference values for selected elements in a healthy urban populationAlimonti, Alessandro; Bocca, Beatrice; Mannella, Emilio; Petrucci, Francesco; Zennaro, Francesco; Cotichini, Rodolfo; D'Ippolito, Cristina; Agresti, Adele; Caimi, Stefano; Forte, Giovanni
1997Assessment of the content of selected trace elements in serum of term and pre-term newborns by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryAlimonti, Alessandro; Petrucci, Francesco; Fioravanti, Silvana; Laurenti, Francesco; Caroli, Sergio
2005Assessment of workers' exposure to palladium in a catalyst production plantViolante, Nicola; Petrucci, Francesco; Senofonte, Oreste; Cristaudo, Antonio; Di Gregorio, Marco; Forte, Giovanni; Alimonti, Alessandro
Showing results 1 to 20 of 225
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