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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993A 40-kilobase subtelomeric region is common to most Plasmodium falciparum 3D7 chromosomes Scotti, Raffaella; Pace, Tomasino; Ponzi, Marta
2012Acidic exosomes contain molecules functionally referred to melanoma progressionParolini, Isabella; Coscia, Carolina; Zanetti, Cristiana; Fantozzi, Luca; Felicetti, Federica; Pizzi, Elisabetta; Ponzi, Marta; Carè, Alessandra; Sargiacomo, Massimo
2009The Anopheles gambiae salivary protein gSG6: an anopheline-specific protein with a blood-feeding roleLombardo, Fabrizio; Ronca, Raffaele; Rizzo, Cinzia; Mestres-Simòn, Montserrat; Lanfrancotti, Alessandra; Currà, Chiara; Fiorentino, Gabriella; Bourgoin, Catherine; Ribeiro, Josè M C; Petrarca, Vincenzo; Ponzi, Marta; Coluzzi, Mario; Arcà, Bruno
2002Characterisation and subcellular localisation of members of a novel family of exported proteins in Plasmodium berghei and in Plasmodium falciparumBirago, Cecilia; Albanesi, Veronica; Silvestrini, Francesco; Ponzi, Marta
1996A chromatin-associated protein is encoded in a genomic region highly conserved in the Plasmodium genus Birago, Cecilia; Pace, Tomasino; Barca, Stefano; Picci, Leonardo; Ponzi, Marta
1993Chromosomal polymorphism and sexual differentiation in plasmodiumPonzi, Marta; Alano, Pietro; Scotti, Raffaella; Roca, Lucia
2011Dematin, a component of the erythrocyte membrane-skeleton, is internalized by the malaria parasite and associates with Plasmodium 14-3-3Lalle, Marco; Currà, Chiara; Ciccarone, Fabio; Pace, Tomasino; Cecchetti, Serena; Fantozzi, Luca; Ay, Bernhard; Braun Breton, Catherine; Ponzi, Marta
1998Developmental regulation of a Plasmodium gene involves the generation of stage-specific 5' untranslated sequencesPace, Tomasino; Birago, Cecilia; Janse, Chris J; Picci, Leonardo; Ponzi, Marta
1994Dynamics of telomere turnover in Plasmodium berghei Dore, Elisabetta; Pace, Tomasino; Picci, Leonardo; Pizzi, Elisabetta; Ponzi, Marta; Frontali, Clara
2009Egress of Plasmodium berghei gametes from their host erythrocyte is mediated by the MDV-1/PEG3 proteinPonzi, Marta; Sidén-Kiamos, Inga; Bertuccini, Lucia; Currà, Chiara; Kroeze, Hans; Camarda, Grazia; Pace, Tomasino; Franke-Fayard, Blandine; Laurentino, Eliane C; Louis, Christos; Waters, Andrew P; Janse, Chris J; Alano, Pietro
2012Erythrocyte remodeling in Plasmodium berghei infection: the contribution of SEP family members Currà, Chiara; Pace, Tomasino; Franke-Fayard, Blandine; Picci, Leonardo; Bertuccini, Lucia; Ponzi, Marta
2013The ETRAMP family member SEP2 is expressed throughout plasmodium berghei life cycle and is released during sporozoite gliding motilityCurrà, Chiara; Di Luca, Marco; Picci, Leonardo; de Sousa Silva Gomes dos Santos, Carina; Siden-Kiamos, Inga; Pace, Tomasino; Ponzi, Marta
1992Extensive turnover of telomeric DNA at a Plasmodium berghei chromosomal extremity marked by a rare recombinational eventPonzi, Marta; Pace, Tomasino; Dore, Elisabetta; Picci, Leonardo; Pizzi, Elisabetta; Frontali, Clara
2005Functional genomics, new tools in malaria researchDi Girolamo, Francesco; Raggi, Carla; Bultrini, Emanuele; Lanfrancotti, Alessandra; Silvestrini, Francesco; Sargiacomo, Massimo; Birago, Cecilia; Pizzi, Elisabetta; Alano, Pietro; Ponzi, Marta
2003A gene-family encoding small exported proteins is conserved across Plasmodium genusBirago, Cecilia; Albanesi, Veronica; Silvestrini, Francesco; Picci, Leonardo; Pizzi, Elisabetta; Alano, Pietro; Pace, Tomasino; Ponzi, Marta
1990Generation of chromosome size polymorphism during in vivo mitotic multiplication of Plasmodium berghei involves both loss and addition of subtelomeric repeat sequences Ponzi, Marta; Janse, Chris J; Dore, Elisabetta; Scotti, Raffaella; Pace, Tomasino; Reterink, J F Thomas; van der Berg, Frank M; Mons, Barend
1999Genome plasticity and sexual differentiation in PlasmodiumAlano, Pietro; Birago, Cecilia; Picci, Leonardo; Ponzi, Marta; Sallicandro, Pina; Scotti, Raffaella; Silvestrini, Francesco
2013Global proteomic analysis of the oocyst/sporozoite of toxoplasma gondii reveals commitment to a host-independent lifestylePossenti, Alessia; Fratini, Federica; Fantozzi, Luca; Pozio, Edoardo; Dubey, Jitender P; Ponzi, Marta; Pizzi, Elisabetta; Spano, Furio
2001Interspecies conservation of gene order and intron-exon structure in a genomic locus of high gene density and complexity in PlasmodiumVan Lin, Leonard H.M.; Pace, Tomasino; Janse, Chris J; Birago, Cecilia; Ramesar, Jai; Picci, Leonardo; Ponzi, Marta; Waters, Andrew P
1994Isolation of a distally located gene possibly correlated with gametocyte production ability Birago, Cecilia; Pace, Tomasino; Picci, Leonardo; Ponzi, Marta
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