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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Anti-ATP synthase autoantibodies from patients with Alzheimer's disease reduce extracellular HDL levelVacirca, Davide; Barbati, Cristiana; Scazzocchio, Beatrice; Masella, Roberta; Rosano, Giuseppe; Malorni, Walter; Ortona, Elena
2010Autoantibodies in patients with Alzheimer's disease: pathogenetic role and potential use as biomarkers of disease progressionColasanti, Tania; Barbati, Cristiana; Rosano, Giuseppe; Malorni, Walter; Ortona, Elena
2009Cell sex determines anoikis resistance in vascular smooth muscle cellsStraface, Elisabetta; Vona, Rosa; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Ascione, Barbara; Marino, Maria; Bulzomi, Paola; Canu, Silvia; Coinu, Rita; Rosano, Giuseppe; Malorni, Walter; Franconi, Flavia
2012Cell surface estrogen receptor alpha is upregulated during subchronic metabolic stress and inhibits neuronal cell degenerationBarbati, Cristiana; Pierdominici, Marina; Gambardella, Lucrezia; Malchiodi Albedi, Fiorella; Karas, Richard H; Rosano, Giuseppe; Malorni, Walter; Ortona, Elena
2011Gender disparity in susceptibility to oxidative stress and apoptosis induced by autoantibodies specific to RLIP76 in vascular cells Matarrese, Paola; Colasanti, Tania; Ascione, Barbara; Margutti, Paola; Franconi, Flavia; Alessandri, Cristiano; Conti, Fabrizio; Riccieri, Valeria; Rosano, Giuseppe; Ortona, Elena; Malorni, Walter
2013The metabolic modulator trimetazidine triggers autophagy and counteracts stress-induced atrophy in skeletal muscle myotubesFerraro, Elisabetta; Giammarioli, Anna Maria; Caldarola, Sara; Lista, Pasquale; Feraco, Alessandra; Tinari, Antonella; Salvatore, Anna Maria; Malorni, Walter; Berghella, Libera; Rosano, Giuseppe
2012Sex differences in drug effects: interaction with sex hormones in adult lifeSpoletini, Ilaria; Vitale, Cristiana; Malorni, Walter; Rosano, Giuseppe
2011Thrombophilic screening in young patients (< 40 years) with idiopathic ischemic stroke: a controlled studyDragoni, Francesco; Chiarotti, Flavia; Rosano, Giuseppe; Simioni, Paolo; Tormene, Daniela; Mazzucconi, Maria Gabriella; Cafolla, Arturo; Avvisati, Giuseppe
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8


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