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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Antiretroviral effect of combined zidovudine and reduced glutathione therapy in murine AIDSMagnani, Mauro; Fraternale, A; Casabianca, A; Schiavano, GF; Chiarantini, L; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Garaci, Enrico
2008Attenuated Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium lacking the ZnuABC transporter confers immune-based protection against challenge infections in micePasquali, Paolo; Ammendola, Serena; Pistoia, Claudia; Petrucci, Paola; Tarantino, Michela; Valente, Carlo; Marenzoni, Maria Luisa; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Battistoni, Andrea
1996Cocaine increases Sendai virus replication in cultured epithelial cells: critical role of the intracellular redox statusPalamara, Anna Teresa; Di Francesco, Paolo; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Buè, Maria Cristina; Lafavia, Emanuela; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Garaci, Enrico
1998The conformation of peptide thymosin alpha 1 in solution and in a membrane-like environment by circular dichroism and NMR spectroscopy. A possible model for its interaction with the lymphocyte membraneGrottesi, Alessandro; Sette, M; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Garaci, Enrico; Paci, Maurizio
2005Differential contribution of sodC1 and sodC2 to intracellular survival and pathogenicity of Salmonella enterica serovar CholeraesuisAmmendola, Serena; Ajello, Maria; Pasquali, Paolo; Kroll, J. Simon; Langford, Paul R.; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Valenti, Piera; Battistoni, Andrea
2004Distinctive functional features in prokaryotic and eukaryotic Cu,Zn superoxide dismutasesGabbianelli, Roberta; D'Orazio, Melania; Pacello, Francesca; O'Neil, Peter; Nicolini, Laura; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Battistoni, Andrea
1996Effect of Lys-arg mutation on the thermal stability of Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase: influence on the monomer-dimer equilibriumFolcarelli, Silvia; Battistoni, Andrea; Carrì, Maria Teresa; Polticelli, Fabio; Falconi, Mattia; Nicolini, Laura; Stella, Lorenzo; Rosato, Nicola; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Desideri, Alessandro
2000A free cysteine residue at the dimer interface decreases conformational stability of Xenopus laevis Cu, Zn superoxide dismutaseBonaccorsi di Patti, Maria Carmela; Carrì, Maria Teresa; Gabbianelli, Roberta; Da Gai, Roberto; Volpe, Corrado; Giartosio, Anna; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Battistoni, Andrea
1992Glutathione inhibits replication and expression of viral proteins in cultured cells infected with Sendai virusGaraci, Enrico; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Di Francesco, Paolo; Favalli, Cartesio; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Rotilio, Giuseppe
2007High affinity Zn2+ uptake system ZnuABC is required for bacterial zinc homeostasis in intracellular environments and contributes to virulence of Salmonella entericaAmmendola, Serena; Pasquali, Paolo; Pistoia, Claudia; Petrucci, Paola; Petrarca, Patrizia; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Battistoni, Andrea
2000Imbalance in corneal redox state during Herpes simplex virus 1-induced keratitis in rabbits. Effectiveness of exogenous glutathione supplyNucci, Carlo; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Nencioni, Lucia; Savini, Patrizia; D'Agostini, Cartesio; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Cerulli, Luciano; Garaci, Enrico
2003Influenza A virus replication is dependent on an antioxidant pathway that involves GSH and Bcl-2Nencioni, Lucia; Iuvara, Alessandra; Aquilano, Katia; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Cozzolino, Federico; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Garaci, Enrico; Palamara, Anna Teresa
1996Inhibition of murine AIDS by reduced glutathionePalamara, Anna Teresa; Garaci, Enrico; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; Casabianca, A; Fraternale, A; Rossi, Luigi; Schiavano, GF; Chiarantini, L; Magnani, Mauro
1997Intracellular GSH content and HIV replication in human macrophagesGaraci, Enrico; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Ciriolo, Maria Rosa; D'Agostini, Cartesio; Ab del-Latif, Monzir S; Acquaro, Stefano; Lafavia, Emanuela; Rotilio, Giuseppe
2004Involvement of reactive oxygen species in bacterial killing within epithelial cellsBattistoni, Andrea; Ajello, Maria; Ammendola, Serena; Superti, Fabiana; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Valenti, Piera
1997Loss of GSH, oxidative stress, and decrease of intracellular pH as sequential steps in viral infectionCiriolo, Maria Rosa; Palamara, Anna Teresa; Incerpi, Sandra; Lafavia, Emanuela; Buè, Maria Cristina; De Vito, Paolo; Garaci, Enrico; Rotilio, Giuseppe
1996Modulazione del legame del metallo nella superossido dismutasi cambialistica di Propionibacterium Shermanii prodotta in Escherichia Coli tramite variazioni delle condizioni di crescitaGabbianelli, Roberta; Nicolini, Laura; Volpe, Corrado; Da Grai, Roberto; Meneghello, Francesco; Battistoni, Andrea; Rotilio, Giuseppe
2001Oxidative inactivation of calcineurin by Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase G93A, a mutant typical of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosisFerri, Alberto; Gabbianelli, Roberta; Casciati, Arianna; Celsi, Fulvio; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Carrì, Maria Teresa
2008Regulatory and structural differences in the Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutases of Salmonella enterica and their significance for virulenceAmmendola, Serena; Pasquali, Paolo; Pacello, Francesca; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Castor, Margaret; Libby, Stephen J; Figueroa, Bossi Nara; Bossi, Lionello; Fang, Ferric C; Battistoni, Andrea
2008Regulatory and structural properties differentiating the chromosomal and the bacteriophage-associated Escherichia coli O157:H7 Cu, Zn superoxide dismutasesD'Orazio, Melania; Scotti, Raffaella; Nicolini, Laura; Cervoni, Laura; Rotilio, Giuseppe; Battistoni, Andrea; Gabbianelli, Roberta
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