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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Cell-wall associated alpha-glucan is instrumental for Mycobacterium tuberculosis to block CD1 molecule expression and disable the function of dendritic cell derived from infected monocyteGagliardi, Maria Cristina; Lemassu, Anne; Teloni, Raffaela; Mariotti, Sabrina; Sargentini, Valeria; Pardini, Manuela; Daffé, Mamadou; Nisini, Roberto
2009Cytometric detection of antigen-specific IFN-?/IL-2 secreting cells in the diagnosis of tuberculosisSargentini, Valeria; Mariotti, Sabrina; Carrara, Stefania; Gagliardi, Maria Cristina; Teloni, Raffaela; Goletti, Delia; Nisini, Roberto
2010Detection of interleukin-2 in addition to interferon-gamma discriminates active tuberculosis patients, latently infected individuals, and controlsBiselli, Roberto; Mariotti, Sabrina; Sargentini, Valeria; Sauzullo, Ilaria; Lastilla, Marco; Mengoni, Fabio; Vanini, Valentina; Girardi, Enrico; Goletti, Delia; D'Amelio, Raffaele; Nisini, Roberto
2009Mycobacteria exploit p38 signaling to affect CD1 expression and lipid antigen presentation by human dendritic cellsGagliardi, Maria Cristina; Teloni, Raffaela; Giannoni, Federico; Mariotti, Sabrina; Remoli, Maria Elena; Sargentini, Valeria; Videtta, Melissa; Pardini, Manuela; De Libero, Gennaro; Coccia, Eliana Marina; Nisini, Roberto
2005Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Guérin infects DC-SIGN- dendritic cell and causes the inhibition of IL-12 and the enhancement of IL-10 productionGagliardi, Maria Cristina; Teloni, Raffaela; Giannoni, Federico; Pardini, Manuela; Sargentini, Valeria; Brunori, Lara; Fattorini, Lanfranco; Nisini, Roberto
2006New mechanisms of mycobacterium tuberculosis immune evasion: impact on disease outcome and strategies of immune interventionMarina, Eliana; Gagliardi, Maria Cristina; Remoli, Maria Elena; Gafa, Valérie; Giacomini, Elena; Scandurra, Marta; Severa, Martina; Lande, Roberto; Mariotti, Sabrina; Sargentini, Valeria; Teloni, Raffaela; Fattorini, Lanfranco; Iona, Elisabetta; Pardini, Manuela; Pine, Richard; Nisini, Roberto
2007ß-glucan of Candida albicans cell wall causes the subversion of human monocyte differentiation into dendritic cellsNisini, Roberto; Torosantucci, Antonella; Romagnoli, Giulia; Chiani, Paola; Donati, Simona; Gagliardi, Maria Cristina; Teloni, Raffaela; Sargentini, Valeria; Mariotti, Sabrina; Iorio, Egidio; Cassone, Antonio
2008T-cell-mediated and antigen-dependent differentiation of human monocyte into different dendritic cell subsets: a feedback control of Th1/Th2 responsesMariotti, Sabrina; Sargentini, Valeria; Marcantonio, Cinzia; Todero, Emiliano; Teloni, Raffaela; Gagliardi, Maria Cristina; Ciccaglione, Anna Rita; Nisini, Roberto
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8


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