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2001Cell cycle reactivation in skeletal muscle and other terminally differentiated cellsSacco, Alessandra; Pajalunga, Deborah; Latella, Lucia; Siepi, Francesca; Rufini, Alessandro; Crescenzi, Marco
2003HPV E7 expression in skeletal muscle cells distinguishes initiation of the postmitotic state from its maintenanceSacco, Alessandra; Siepi, Francesca; Crescenzi, Marco
2004A pRb-independent mechanism preserves the postmitotic state in terminally differentiated skeletal muscle cellsCamarda, Grazia; Siepi, Francesca; Pajalunga, Deborah; Bernardini, Camilla; Rossi, Rossella; Montecucco, Alessandra; Meccia, Ettore; Crescenzi, Marco
1999A strategy to obtain an animal model for HIV infection and AIDS pathology: transgenic mice for human receptors and an HIV recombinant strainSimeoni, L.; Fedele, Giorgio; Forte, P.; Siepi, Francesca; Rufini, Alessandro; Rizza, Paola; Santini, Stefano Maria; Spada, Massimo; Belardelli, Filippo; Fantoni, Antonio
1999Studies of pathological and immunological alterations induced by coinfections with candida albicans or murine virus MHV-68 in CD4 transgenic mice injected with HIV-infected cells and new strategies for obtaining a productive HIV infection in miceRizza, Paola; Santini, Stefano Maria; Lapenta, Caterina; Spada, Massimo; Verani, Paola; Belardelli, Filippo; Ausiello, Clara Maria; Torosantucci, Antonella; Bromuro, Carla; Lande, Roberto; Di Carlo, Beatrice; Cassone, Antonio; Forte, P.; Simeoni, L.; Fedele, Giorgio; Siepi, Francesca; Fantoni, Antonio
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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