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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Adult height in patients treated for isolated growth hormone deficiency: Role of birth weightMerlone AD; Bozzola E; Castelnovi C; Chiabotto P; Costante L; De Sanctis L; Tinelli C; Bozzola M
2006Adult height in patients with permanent growth hormone deficiency with and without multiple pituitary hormone deficienciesMaghnie M; Ambrosini L; Cappa M; Pozzobon G; Ghizzoni L; Ubertini MG; Di Iorgi N; Tinelli C; Pilia S; Chiumello G; Lorini R; Loche S
2004Association between low-molecular weight apolipoprotein(a) Isoforms and obesity in Italian womenDerosa G; Fogari R; Piccinni MN; Peros E; Bertone G; Ciccarelli L; Tinelli C; Geroldi D; Pannacciulli N; De Pergola G
2004CD4+cell-count-guided treatment interruptions in chronic HIV-infected patients with good response to highly active antiretroviral therapyBoschi A; Tinelli C; Ortolani P; Moscatelli G; Morigi G; Arlotti M
2006Changes in the optic disc excavation of children affected by cerebral visual impairment: A tomographic analysisRuberto G; Salati R; Milano G; Bertone C; Tinelli C; Fazzi E; Guagliano R; Signorini S; Borgatti R; Bianchi A; Bianchi PE
2006Clinical impact of a new automated system employed for peripheral blood stem cell collectionDel Fante C; Perotti C; Viarengo G; Bellotti L; Parisi C; Marchesi A; Tinelli C; Salvaneschi L
2007Comparison between metalloproteinases-2 and -9 in healthy subjects, diabetics, and subjects with acute coronary syndromeDerosa G; D'angelo A; Scalise F; Avanzini Ma; Tinelli C; Peros E; Fogari E; Cicero Af
2006Contrast-enhanced versus conventional and color Doppler sonography for the detection of thrombosis of the portal and hepatic venous systemsRossi S; Rosa L; Ravetta V; Cascina A; Quaretti P; Azzaretti A; Scagnelli P; Tinelli C; Dionigi P; Calliada F
2007Curative and organ-preserving treatment with intra-arterial carboplatin induction followed by surgery and/or radiotherapy for advanced head and neck cancer: single-center five-year resultsBertino G; Benazzo M; Gatti P; Bernardo G; Corbella F; Tinelli C; Zappoli F; Mira E
2006Daily plasma-exchange for life-threatening class IHELLP syndrome with prevalent pulmonary involvementDel Fante C; Perotti C; Viarengo G; Gallini GS; Tinelli C; Salvaneschi L
2007Deterioration of growth hormone (GH) response and anterior pituitary function in young adults with childhood-onset GH deficiency and ectopic posterior pituitary: a two-year prospective follow-up studyDi Iorgi N; Secco A; Napoli F; Tinelli C; Calcagno A; Fratangeli N; Ambrosini L; Rossi A; Lorini R; Maghnie M
2005Diagnosis of GH deficiency in the transition period: accuracy of insulin tolerance test and insulin-like growth factor-I measurementMaghnie M; Aimaretti G; Bellone S; Bona G; Bellone J; Baldelli R; De Sanctis C; Gargantini L; Gastaldi R; Ghizzoni L; Secco A; Tinelli C
2004Different clinical presentation of interstitial cystitis syndromePorru D; Politano R; Gerardini M; Giliberto GL; Stancati S; Pasini L; Tinelli C; Rovereto B
2004Drug resistance mutations and newly recognized treatment-related substitutions in the HIV-1 protease gene: Prevalence and associations with drug exposure and real or virtual phenotypic resistance to protease inhibitors in two clinical cohorts of antiretroTorti C; Quiros Roldan E; Monno L; Patroni A; Saracino A; Angarano G; Tinelli C; Lo Caputo S; Tirelli V; Mazzotta F; Carosi G
2004Effect of different growth hormone dosages on the growth velocity in children born small for gestational ageBozzola E; Lauriola S; Messina MF; Bona G; Tinelli C; Tato L
2006Effect of doxazosin on C-reactive protein plasma levels and on nitric oxide in patients with hypertensionDerosa G; Cicero AF; D'Angelo A; Tinelli C; Ciccarelli L; Piccinni MN; Pricolo F; Salvadeo S; Montagna LE; Gravina A; Ferrari I; Galli S; Paniga S; Fogari R
2007Effects of structured treatment interruptions on metabolic, anthropometric, immunologic, and quality of life outcomes in HIV-positive adults on HAARTMaserati R; Foli A; Tomasoni L; Sighinolfi L; Maggiolo F; Sacchini D; Di Pietro M; Bertelli D; Tinelli C; Lori F
2005Evaluation of adrenal function in patients with growth hormone deficiency and hypothalamic-pituitary disorders: comparison between insulin-induced hypoglycemia, low-dose ACTH, standard ACTH and CRH stimulation testsMaghnie M; Uga E; Temporini F; Di Iorgi N; Secco A; Tinelli C; Papalia A; Casini MR; Loche S
2007Evaluation of metalloproteinase 2 and 9 levels and their inhibitors in diabetic and healthy subjectsDerosa G; D'Angelo A; Tinelli C; Devangello E; Consoli A; Miccoli R; Penno G; Del Prato S; Paniga S; Cicero AFG
2005Evaluation of urinary and general symptoms and correlation with other clinical parameters in interstitial cystitis patientsPorru D; Tinelli C; Gerardini M; Giliberto GL; Stancati S; Rovereto B
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